Aug 3, 2022
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The policeman drove the old woman to the hairdresser

the policeman brought the old womanWhile on patrol, Police Officer Lance Hoffmeister spotted an elderly woman with a walker walking along the side of a busy road.

the policeman brought the old woman

A resident of Tennessee (USA) thought that the old woman could get lost, and therefore stopped the car and went out to talk with a stranger. It turned out that 84-year-old Elizabeth Hood was heading to the hairdresser. Except Grandma, who got off at the bus stop, had more than a mile to walk, so Lance volunteered to pick up his new friend. Moreover, he left Elizabeth his phone number and asked her to call when all the beauty treatments were finished. So the kind man was not only able to deliver the elderly lady home, but also confirm that her perm looks amazing.

the policeman brought the old woman

Later, Lance admitted that Elizabeth somehow reminded him of his own grandmother, who died a few years ago and whom the man loved very much. The kind man added that he always had warm and respectful feelings towards the older generations. He is sure that this is one of the important components of police work.

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