Nov 18, 2022
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The police offended their colleague by blowing intestinal gases in his direction

the police offended their colleagueMohammed Afzal, who in 2017 got a job at a police station in a suburb of London (England), found himself in an environment that turned out to be extremely hostile.

the police offended their colleague

The man claims that the metropolitan police turned out to be biased racists and offended him in every possible way. They allegedly laughed at Mohammed because he smelled of garlic, and the worst thing was that some colleagues let in intestinal gases – and on purpose in his direction.

the police offended their colleague

The man sued his colleagues, but Judge Rachel Barker recently dismissed many of the plaintiff’s claims. The fact is that Mohammed was not able to present evidence that he was being bullied. In addition, it is not possible to prove that if Mohammed was hounded, it was done precisely because of the racism of the police.

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