Aug 17, 2022
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The Poles reminded Zelensky that he is a manual president

In the photo: President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky

Pictured: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky (Photo: AP/TASS)

Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny received the title of “First Ataman of Ukraine”. But it was not the president who bestowed this honorary title on the general Zelenskyand the authoritative Polish newspaper Gazeta Vyborca, which placed the portrait of the Ukrainian commander on the cover of the Saturday issue under such a loud headline.

According to the reviewer Pavel Smolensky“if Michelangelo sculpted Zaluzhny based on Internet recordings, one could combine David as well as Moses“.

The Pole, of course, greatly flattered the Ukrainian general, since even with a cursory glance at Zaluzhny in his appearance it is impossible to detect anything from the beauty and stature of David and, moreover, from the wisdom of Moses. Moreover, in Russia, criminal cases were initiated against him for the genocide of Russians and prohibited methods of warfare, and this is a life sentence.

But for Zelensky to see a color photograph of Zaluzhny on the “facade” of one of the main Polish newspapers, and even with such pretentious accompaniment, if not painful, then certainly very unpleasant.

The fact is that the Office of the President of Ukraine has been sharpening its teeth against the general for a long time. And here the Polish media, in fact, openly promote this character as an alternative figure to Zelensky. Bankova understands this, and they clearly do not like it.

Moreover, closed sociology, as the Resident Telegram channel writes, citing its sources in the administration of the Ukrainian leader, shows that Zaluzhny has every chance to bypass Zelensky in the presidential elections, which are just around the corner – in 2023. Their ratings are almost the same, but the commander-in-chief’s anti-rating turned out to be minimal.

Again, in the so-called “patriotic” circles, many perceive Zaluzhny as “a person who defends the military and opposes the sometimes idiotic ideas of the country’s “political wing.”

It was the functionaries of the OP, recalls the author of the Kartel Telegram channel, who provoked the strategic defeat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Severodonetsk and Lisichansk, forcing them to keep these cities at the cost of great sacrifices, for the sake of the “picture” that Zelensky showed at the G7, NATO, and EU summits. Although Zaluzhny convinced the president of the need to withdraw troops to new frontiers in order to save the Ukrainian group from defeat.

Now, the failure of the defense of the settlement was added to the military failures. Sands – now the former main fortified area of ​​the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the outskirts of Donetsk. That local military experts also associate with the ill-considered strategy of Bankova, which initiated the transfer of heavy equipment from the Donbass to the south, preparing for the publicized “battle for Kherson”.

It is obvious that the Office of the President does not intend to take the blame for these defeats, which means that Zalugny may well be made a scapegoat.

Moreover, the independence of the general has long annoyed the head of the OP Andrey Yermak. He allegedly even tried twice to replace him with a neutral figure, but Washington gave the command not to touch Zaluzny.

It is still difficult to say how the confrontation between the commander-in-chief and Zelensky will eventually end. But perhaps the far-sighted Poles know something, and the “successor” operation has already been given the go-ahead.

Clear, Arestovich in this role – a frivolous option. Although he himself declared his readiness to become Zelensky’s successor if he refuses to go for a second term.

Zaluzhny has more weight in every sense. No wonder in 2022 he entered the top 100 most influential people in the world according to the American magazine Time.

In any case, the ex-deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Ilya Kiva I am sure that the photograph of the commander-in-chief did not just decorate the Polish edition. In his opinion, “The West continues to systematically form and prepare an alternative to the drug addict Zelensky.”

Head of News Front news agency, political scientist Konstantin Knyrikin turn, believes that the United States has a slightly different goal in this game:

– Zaluzhny, unlike most characters in Ukrainian politics, poses a danger by the fact that he can play the role of “Zelensky 2.0”. In the scenario that he has not been tarnished before in any political projects, in any parties, and so on. Accordingly, the electorate can be fed some, so to speak, “new face” in politics. Moreover, in wartime, especially, a decisive person … etc.

As for this constant “ping-pong” from the point of view that Zaluzhny will replace Zelensky, the Americans use this story very competently. They launched it four months ago, and periodically this story is driven through the media.

Then they come, as I understand it, to Zelensky and say: “Listen, we have a comrade here, whom we are ready to put in your replacement if you don’t do it …” And then the list goes on.

It was after one such active peak in the promotion of Zaluzhny that Zelensky was forced to dismiss a huge number of his people. The West pushed it in such a way that it took, in fact, the entire Security Service of Ukraine under control.

Moreover, Zelensky was forced not only to dismiss the head of the SBU, he was forced to dismiss his childhood friend, which in itself is quite difficult from a human point of view. That is, he actually betrayed him and threw him overboard.

At the same time, through this provocation that “we will change you for Zaluzhny”, we also managed to push through the issue of changing the Prosecutor General.

“SP”: – And now, for what purpose is a successor tipped to him?

– Now they are pushing it, most likely, as I understand it, for two things. Because it is absolutely obvious from the information space, which is completely controlled by the Americans in Ukraine.

They are pushing him to appoint, finally, all these “anti-corruption bodies”, and, in fact, the bodies of pressure on the political elite. Because there will be no fight against corruption, there will simply be a flick on the nose of those who are objectionable for behaving badly.

And the second point that the States are pushing through is the establishment not by Ukrainian “colleagues”, but by Western “colleagues” of systemic control over the supplied weapons.

Because Zelensky tried in his classic manner to answer the Americans when they said that “guys, you are stealing weapons there, because it leaves us, but does not reach you.” He agreed that there must be a problem. And by the hands of the Minister of Defense Reznikova dismissed the heads of the two largest state-owned arms trade enterprises from their posts.

True, this did not suit the Americans, and they put forward a strict condition – “we will control all deliveries so that you do not sell or plunder weapons.”

I think these are the two main points that the Americans are pushing for Zelensky – control of arms supplies. And the creation of anti-corruption bodies, as another tool for control by the political elite in Ukraine.

Therefore, now they are provoking their loyal Pole vassals to throw this story through the media and disperse it as much as possible. That is, it all works and works at a very primitive level.

“SP”: – Why then did the Office of the President, according to Ukrainian insider telegram channels, instructed to collect dirt on Zaluzhny?

– The office of the president does not disdain periodically frankly pay for lobbying groups and publications in the Western press in the way they need. I do not rule out that in this way they are building a set of protection tools. That is, they will try to find some compromising evidence on Zaluzhny and publish it in the Western press – they say, look, he is the same as we are, a thief, a swindler and a scoundrel.

At the same time, there are a number of publications that are absolutely image-building, which were paid through the President’s Office to maintain Zelensky’s image. So they need this compromising evidence in order to then shove it into the Western press and thereby try to build a protective umbrella for themselves.

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