May 2, 2021
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The point of no return for Donbass has been named: "Inhuman killed Russian people"

The point of no return for Donbass has been named. According to Vladimir Kornilov, it was the Odessa Khatyn. Andrei Medvedev also spoke about the seven-year anniversary of those tragic events: “Inhumans killed the Russian people.”

Today is the seven-year anniversary of Odessa Khatyn on May 2, 2014. On this occasion, a journalist, Moscow City Duma deputy Andrei Medvedev spoke on his Telegram channel.

He pointed to an amazing coincidence – this year the date of the anniversary of those terrible events fell on Easter. The journalist stressed that the heroes of the Russian resistance, including those who died, will never be forgotten.

The day when the fascist monsters killed the Russian people. Because they wanted to remain Russian, speak Russian, be themselves, ”Medvedev added.

Political scientist Vladimir Kornilov did not pass by this date either. In his Telegram channel, he noticed that the Odessa Khatyn made many, even indifferent to the events of the Kiev Maidan, to see clearly and understand “what really constitutes a coup.”

For example, for Donbass, these events have become a point of no return, the expert stated.

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