Oct 30, 2021
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The Pledge of Strength of Sino-Russian Interaction

The Japanese were seriously scared of the appearance of a Russian-Chinese squadron in their straits

For training purposes, Russian and Chinese warships bypassing the Japanese islands using the Japanese straits of Tsugaru, Osumi and others alarmed the Japanese authorities and the population. It is no wonder – Moscow and Beijing have undertaken such a demonstration for the first time, it is believed, in response to provocative maneuvers by the US and Japanese fleets in an area close to Taiwan in the immediate vicinity of the PRC coast.

Let us recall the provocative passage in September of the American missile destroyer Barry through the Taiwan Strait. Then the official representative of the Eastern Combat Command of the People’s Liberation Army of China, Shi Yi, said that Beijing was unhappy with the increasing incidence of US ships in this area and considered them a provocation. “This is compelling evidence that the United States is a destabilizing factor in the Taiwan Strait and a security threat.”, – said in a statement.

The provocative activity of the US Navy against China, and more recently against Russia, worries the US allies. South Korean experts said that the Americans have created a “strike fist” demonstrating the possibility of starting a full-fledged war against China. Largest Japanese news portal Yahoo News Japan has published an analytical article by the South Korean newspaper Chosun shimpo with the headline “The maneuvers of the powerful aircraft carrier forces of the United States, Great Britain and Japan in the Pacific are intimidating and a challenge to China.”… The article points out that after a total of 150 Chinese warplanes invaded Taiwan’s air defense “identification zone” in early October, for the first time in history, four aircraft carriers from the United States, Great Britain and Japan gathered in the South China Sea to conduct joint naval operations. maneuvers aimed at containing China. “These maneuvers coincided with a very significant change in the US position on global security issues. If earlier Washington took a restrained and even negative position on the issue of the possible creation of a European army in order to contain Russia, the administration of Joseph Biden outlined positive approaches to more actively using its allies in the military confrontation with both China and Russia. “– writes a South Korean newspaper.

“With these four largest aircraft carriers assembled by the West in such a limited area of ​​the theater of operations, in principle, a full-fledged war is already possible. The situation is dangerous for us too. Apparently, the United States will increase its pressure on Seoul in order to force South Korea to join the Western anti-Chinese military campaign, ” – said South Korean professor Park Won Gong.

If the South Koreans have already started talking about the danger of war, then the preventive actions of the Russian Federation and the PRC are a timely response to putting together a “shock fist” in such a dangerous military clash in the sea zone. Of course, the purpose of the maneuvers of the Russian and Chinese navies was to demonstrate not only the capabilities of the fleets of the two countries, but also the political readiness of Moscow and Beijing to jointly resist the provocative military activities of the Americans (and their allies) on the brink of war.

Tokyo understood this well. The central theme in the Japanese comments was the “military unity of China and Russia” noted by the Chinese military department as a guarantee of the strength of the Sino-Russian interaction.

One of the leading Japanese news agencies “Ji-ji Tsushin” in the article “China intends to deepen cooperation with the Russian army” reports a press conference at the Ministry of Defense of the PRC following the results of the military campaign of the Sino-Russian squadron. The words of the official representative of the Chinese military department, Tan Kefei, stand out in particular, who stated: “In the course of the campaign, the fleets of both states significantly increased the level of combat interaction. Our strength lies in the unity of our armies. China is determined to further deepen in every possible way all-round cooperation with the Russian armed forces “

The Japanese agency notes Chinese claims that joint combat patrols between China and Russia in the Western Pacific serve the purpose of containing the United States and Japan.

Portal Yahoo News Japan publishes material “The Chinese-Russian squadron has practically walked around the entire Japanese archipelago in a circle. This is the first time this happens. ” It is emphasized that during the military campaign of the Russian-Chinese group of warships, it “marked” on the most vulnerable sea routes of Japan through the Tsugaru (Sangar), Osumi, Western and Eastern Tsushima straits. “Thus, the Chinese and Russian navies demonstrate that Japan has no places invulnerable to them. Long-range missiles launched from missile destroyers cover the entire territory of Japan with all its bases of the self-defense forces, “ – notes the Japanese portal.

As an excuse, the political and military circles of Japan perceived the assertion of the official representative of the PRC Ministry of Defense that “the sea voyage of the Sino-Russian squadron was planned.” Here he is perceived as “a threat to America and Japan in connection with their latest activity around Taiwan.” The statement by Tan Kefei that the military activity of China and Russia in Northeast Asia is also viewed as a “formality” in Japan “Not directed against third countries”… But his statement about the deepening of interaction between the two armies and fleets is quoted verbatim: “Our strength is in unity, and our friendship will be long.”

Japanese readers, who do not hide their hostility, even hatred of Russia and China, also react violently to the media materials about the joint Russian-Chinese military campaign. Below are the comments of the Japanese translated by Inosmi:


Well, we found ourselves in a “loop of evil” – surrounded by China, Russia, North and South Korea!


All these are excuses that this military campaign of the Chinese and Russians is planned and not directed against third countries. It is clear as day that it is directed against Japan!


Let China and Russia now rush about with their friendship. In fact, it’s like a cat-dog friendship. I am sure that the day is not far off when they will quarrel to death, as has happened between them more than once!


China is like Russia: they always come out with endless claims about the aggressiveness of other countries, but in fact they are the first aggressors. Can’t the whole world find justice for this arrogant China?


Enough to endure! The northern islands must be taken from Russia by force!


It can be seen who is Russia’s friend. One Taliban * is worth it!


After that, I finally hated Russia and China!


Russia and China operate according to the old, like the world, law: “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Well, well, let them proceed.


China and Russia have only a temporary coincidence of interests. In fact, each of them is holding a knife behind their backs.

the ark

What is this strange form of joint military activity – joint combat patrol? At the same time, a squadron of naval warships with full weapons passes through the actually internal Japanese straits – Tsugaru and Osumi. Is this an actual declaration of war? To what limits of aggression this couple has reached!

Futsu no nihonjin

“Unity is our strength!” Wow slogan. Well then, we need it the same way. The Alliance of Free Democratic Countries of the World must jointly send its fleet to Taiwan!


And it seems to me that China and Russia will easily betray each other at the first danger!


Should there be a war in the Taiwan Strait, Russia will not lift a finger. Her mouth is full of internal worries! “

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Photo: AP, ZhaChunming / Xinhua

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