Sep 22, 2022
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The plane had to abort the flight due to a passenger who urinated on the seat in the cabin

Passenger urinates on planeThe man, who flew on a Ryanair plane and wished to remain anonymous, said the trip was very nerve-wracking.

Passenger urinates on plane

Trouble began almost immediately. A flight from Manchester (England) to Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain) was delayed, which gave several passengers the time and opportunity to have a drink before the flight. Instead of a greeting, the captain of the aircraft announced that if individuals drinking alcohol and smoking in the toilets were seen on board, the aircraft would urgently abort the flight. That’s how everyone suspected that the trip would be “fun”. The eyewitness added that all grim suspicions came true. It quickly became clear that several air passengers were too drunk to be civil. One stranger got so drunk that he didn’t even know where he was. Feeling the need to urinate, the man got up and did so in the seat next to him (fortunately, at least it was empty). All attempts by the staff to pacify the hooligans ended in screams, and then a fight broke out. So the captain was left no choice, and he landed the plane on the island of Porto Santo (Portugal), where all the hooligans were handed over to the police.

Passenger urinates on plane

However, the eyewitness admitted that the unsuccessful flight did not make him and the other respectable passengers become disillusioned with Ryanair. The employees acted quickly, clearly and coherently. As for the unplanned delay on the way, then it is necessary to blame the hooligan drunks, and certainly not the airline.

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