Sep 24, 2021
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The picture is clear, Europe is “red” …

The picture is clear, Europe is

Photo: Vitaly Nevar / TASS

Disappointing results for the “party in power” were given by the majority of foreign polling stations. In different parts of the world in Canada, USA, France, the Netherlands, Montenegro, Thailand, Japan – almost everywhere! – the communists were in the lead. Sometimes – with a crushing margin. For example, in the resort Phuket, the Communist Party gained as much as 60%.

In Germany, our fellow citizens had the opportunity to vote in six cities: Berlin, Bonn, Hamburg, Leipzig, Munich and Frankfurt. Frankfurt was the only city where United Russia won with 35% of the vote. The second place in the election race was taken by the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, which received 26% of the vote. In the rest of the polling stations, the communists confidently won, gaining from 31% to 49%.

Voting in Germany also revealed another tendency that united voters who admitted their sympathy for the ruling party and the non-systemic opposition: both of them, talking to the press, refused to introduce themselves, preferring anonymity. And if the “oppositionists” referred to the fear of possible persecution, it is not clear what the supporters of “United Russia” were guided by.

1190 Russian citizens voted in Paris. 29% of them cast their votes to the Communist Party. 19% – “United Russia”. The LDPR ranks third with 16% of the vote, followed by Yabloko, with 12%.

If we compare the results of the previous elections, it turns out that the Communist Party, which gained only 9% abroad at that time, improved its result by almost three and a half times.

1,250 Russians voted in Helsinki. According to the results, the Communists are in the lead, then the Yabloko players, and United Russia is only in third place, gaining almost the second fewer votes than the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

In foggy Albion, in the glorious city of London, 1504 people came to vote. The result is as follows: the Communist Party is in the lead, the Liberal Democratic Party is in second place, and Yabloko is in third. “United Russia” got only the fourth place, and it has almost three and a half times less votes than the communists.

In Montenegro, 46% voted for the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, and only 17% for United Russia, which came in second place. But in Serbia, where Putin not only the Serbs, but also the citizens of Russia who settled there, are loved at the polling station in Belgrade by United Russia with a result of 32.44% of the vote, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation with 28.89% – in second place. That is, the ruling party has bypassed its rival by only 4%. And then not whole. And this, we emphasize, in Serbia, where Russians live, most of them are patriotic. Liberals with democrats prefer neighboring Montenegro, which in every possible way demonstrates adherence to the ideals of Western democracy, which is ideologically closer to them. And the sea is there.

– The election results in Montenegro were predictable, – considers Serbian journalist Tatiana Stojanovic… – People voted for the party, which is the most powerful opponent of the party in power. In this case, for the Communist Party. That is, the vote was protest.

At the polling stations in New York and Washington, our fellow citizens also preferred the Communist Party. According to exit-pools, the communists confidently took the first place, followed by Yabloko, and the third was United Russia. According to the final protocols, “United Russia” was in second place, but the KPRF remained in the lead.

– I think that the voters did not suddenly fall in love with the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, but simply got tired of United Russia, – considers political scientist Rustem Safronovworking in the USA. – There is a fundamental dissatisfaction with the elements of politics. The pension reform, the growth of economic difficulties that have been going on since 2014, associated with the complication of the international situation related to the post-Crimean sanctions, had a strong impact. All this does not contribute to the popularity of United Russia. And the cases of corruption, which are revealed both by the authorities themselves and by the opposition, do not contribute to the popularity of the ruling party. And in the conditions of a limited number of parties, people voted for those who have a real chance to oppose United Russia.

In a number of cases, representatives of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia or “Fair Russia” won in the polling stations abroad in single-mandate constituencies. So, in the Tomsk region, a candidate from the LDPR passed to the State Duma, for whom the Russians voted, about[ВЖ1] living abroad.

In general, the results of the “overseas” elections revealed critical dissatisfaction of citizens living abroad with the state of affairs in their homeland, since they voted for the communists, whom they themselves scold for all the troubles of Russia.

“This is a protest vote. They vote for the Communist Party not because they are for the communists, but because they are against United Russia., – writes on his page in FB Dmitry Lane

“I think, if you calculate correctly, then the result will be the same in the Russian Federation.”, – this opinion is expressed by Alexey Bogdanov

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