Jun 30, 2020
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The phone reads your mind! Easy card trick

A simple and fascinating trick with a smartphone and maps will be your mast-have, because these things are always with the magician. They are compact, they are comfortable and familiar to the viewer’s view. After all, it is clear that more effective seem those tricks that are shown with ordinary gizmos.

Focus demonstration

  • On the table – a deck of cards and a smartphone.
  • The magician lays 12 cards up on the table. Three rows of 4 cards.
  • The viewer selects any card from these 12 and flips.
  • The magician had not touched the phone before. Now he begins to drive his finger on the screen, from which in front of the viewer erases the black background and shows a map.
  • The viewer continues to wash and sees his card, which he chose.

The secret and learning focus

  1. To perform the trick, you need to install the app on your smartphone. It’s called “Magic Trick.” It has free and paid tricks. We choose a free “Scratch card.” Next, we’re going to press “Launch trick” and “Start trick.” The screen will go out – ready for focus.
  2. Now we’re making the deck. Choose all the senior cards (jacks, ladies and kings) – there are 12 – and transfer to the top of the deck. Keep the deck up.
  3. First, we show the deck to the viewer quickly and from the side where the junior cards remained. The audience should not notice that there are no “pictures” in the deck. So insert aces and jokers to dilute the numbers.
  4. We put 12 top senior cards in three rows.
  5. The viewer selects the map and shows it.
  6. It’s time to move on to the smartphone. To show the map that the viewer has chosen, you need to know how the app works.

How do I use the “Launch trick” trick in the app?

This is where the screen diagram works. When you come into contact with the screen, a particular map will appear in a specific location. For every jack, lady or king there is a place. The layout is as:scheme for focus with maps

First, you need to set the face value of the card, and then its suit. To do this, click on the desired area (visually divide the screen into 3 sectors), then swipe in the direction of the desired suit of the card, stop and remove the finger. Now you can start to wash the background.

For example, the viewer chose the lady of the cross. So, click on the center of the screen (lady), lead the finger to the corner where the suit crosses – the bottom right. Stay. Now you can wash the blackness.

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