Sep 13, 2022
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The phone number is indicated, which should be “knocked”, the price of the issue is 200 Swiss francs for each denunciation

The phone number is indicated, which should be “knocked”, the price of the issue is 200 Swiss francs for each denunciation

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The American authorities are worried that the transatlantic puppet in the person of the European Union may try to play its own game. The reason for such fears lies on the surface, because the energy crisis in the Old World is gaining momentum. And it may soon lead to various, but in any case, very unpleasant consequences for Washington.

According to information leaked to the American media, the administration Joe Biden allow a change in the position of European countries regarding the situation in Ukraine. The reason is the problems that have arisen due to interruptions in the supply of Russian gas. Who exactly shared this information was not disclosed.

Actually, these fears cannot be absent. As always, Hungary is in the first place, this time the Magyars demand that all nuclear projects be removed from the sanctions.

“The imposition of any sanctions against Russia relating to its joint projects with other countries in the field of nuclear energy will be an attack on the sovereignty of these countries themselves.

One of the most important components of sovereignty is the security of energy supply.

Hungary will demand from the European Union to respect its original decision not to extend to nuclear energy the sanctions imposed on Russia because of the events in Ukraine. In general, these sanctions proved to be much more painful for Europe than for Russia, and led to the emergence of the most acute energy crisis in the history of the EU,” said the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Economic Relations of Hungary Peter Seaharto.

Two weeks ago, on August 26, 2022, the Hungarians issued a permit for the construction of two power units Paks-5 and Paks-6, which will be built by Rosatom. Two more powerful Russian VVER-1200s will be added to the four more Soviet VVER-400s. The Hungarian authorities call this project the most important for the country and are ready to fight for it for life and death.

The position, in general, is very reasonable, the future belongs to nuclear and thermonuclear energy, and Brussels’ policy to destroy all nuclear power plants is outright sabotage. Even if there had been no special operation, Europe’s energy position was very precarious.

“Energy is a national security issue that is not given enough attention, especially at the level of the EU, which pursues its own policy. The prerequisites for an energy crisis arose already a year ago. There is no clear energy policy at the national level, just as there is no solidarity at the European level. Nothing has been done in terms of increasing the domestic production of energy carriers, ”says the president of the association of Italian industrialists Confindustria Carlo Bonomi.

Yes, there was no special operation a year ago, but prices were already actively growing, and intrigues were in full swing against Nord Stream 2. The pygmy mongrels of the States, the Baltases and Psheks, were especially vicious. All the rest followed suit. Not realizing that two “threads” of the gas pipeline plus this third one is everything that protects Europe from freezing, and local industry from stopping.

“Companies that close today will not open again,” the Italian industrial leader is sure.

True, the proposals are somehow sparse, it is necessary, like, to unite and counteract all together. Who would argue, but how to counteract and to whom?

“We agree to engage in even closer dialogue with the EU on various proposals to resolve the energy crisis, but we are skeptical about setting a gas price ceiling. Such a measure will not solve the fundamental problem, which is that there is too little gas in Europe,” says the Prime Minister of Norway Jonas Gahr Støre.

Moreover, the Norwegian politician personally explained this fact to the head of the European Commission Ursula von del Leyen. So that the mad lady realizes that everything is not as good as her overseas “curators” are broadcasting. They even have increased energy prices there, but in general there is enough of everything. And sitting in a warm house under a floor lamp, it is easy to talk about what can be tolerated. In the sense without heating and light (without water and sewerage, respectively, too).

The members of the European Union did not agree on a “ceiling” for gas prices, and the Magyars immediately commented maliciously on this.

“Hungary does not in any way support the introduction of a limit on gas from the Russian Federation due to risks to energy supply. Other EU member states also spoke out against the limit. Nine countries either opposed the price ceiling or made reservations about the proposal. If Russian gas is removed from the European market, then the amount of gas on the European market will decrease, which will lead not to a decrease, but to an increase in prices. You don’t have to be a Nobel laureate to understand such a simple thing,” Peter Szijjarto quipped.

There is a scandal in Switzerland, the local authorities disown the poster, which calls for denunciation of neighbors who heat their houses “above the norm”. A poster with the logo of the Swiss government shows a young woman talking on a mobile phone. And the inscription: “Does your neighbor heat the room above 19 degrees? Please keep us informed.” The phone number is indicated, which should be “knocked”, and the price of the issue is 200 francs for each denunciation. A little…

“There are no such posters on behalf of the Swiss Confederation, and we do not call for reporting on people,” says Simone Hug Niederberger, spokeswoman for the Ministry of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications.

That is kind of fake. Or not a fake, did they just turn on the “reverse gear”? Everyone who drove a car on the roads of “enlightened Europe” knows how “snitching” among drivers is developed there, it is actively encouraged by the authorities. So these “19 degrees” are very plausible.

“The energy crisis is turning into an industrial crisis. High energy prices cause serious problems in the German steel industry, where enterprises are forced to stop production. At the same time, the resulting shortage of steel, coupled with the high cost of electricity, causes a domino effect, leading to a freeze in activity in a number of related industries.

The crisis affects manufacturers of machine tools, automobiles and ships, as well as builders of buildings, pipelines and power plants. Rapidly rising production costs associated with high fuel prices affect the international competitiveness of German companies.

Production in Germany has ceased to be competitive. To change the situation, we need lower fuel prices,” says the head of the German branch of the world’s largest steel company ArcelorMittal Rainer Blaschek.

Industrialists will also be forced to “knock” on each other, or what? It’s not that strange, the situation is just wild. Moreover, for Germany – the main donor of the EU budget – Russia can now completely “turn on the red light.” In terms of gas. After all, the German authorities, having authorized the supply of weapons to Bandera, in fact, betrayed their people. They replaced him with “independent” bandits.

“The very fact of supplying the Ukrainian regime with German-made lethal weapons, used not only against Russian military personnel, but also against the civilian population of Donbass, is a “red line” that the German authorities should not have crossed. Including taking into account the moral and historical responsibility of Germany to our people for the crimes of Nazism during the Great Patriotic War,” said the Russian Ambassador to Germany Sergey Nechaev.

As they like to write in not very reliable historical studies, then, allegedly, “General Frost” helped us. But WWII veterans remember that everyone suffered from the cold – both ours and the Germans. Now, in general, it will also be bad for everyone. It is better to live in peace and trade, rather than fight. Is it really there, in the EU, that this has begun to reach someone?

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