Jan 7, 2022
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“The people will support me.” Kazakhstan overcomes terrorist threat

In the first days of the new 2022, Kazakhstan is passing a serious examination for statehood, the 30th anniversary of which the republic celebrated less than a month ago. Riots throughout the country and especially in the south, in the former capital of Kazakhstan, Alma-Ata, became for President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev a real challenge that he, as we see almost online, copes with. Assessing the results of the pogroms, “Arguments and Facts” explain why, at the request of the leadership of Kazakhstan, peacekeeping forces of the CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organization) are being brought into the territory of the largest Central Asian state

Classic color revolutions

The mass riot, which the classic described as senseless and merciless two hundred years ago, was preceded by a relatively peaceful protest by Kazakhstanis in the Mangistau region. Of course, people had the right to go out to the square to speak out against the wrong, in the opinion of citizens, actions of the authorities. In this case, it was about a sharp increase in the price of gas fuel for cars. You can understand the residents of the Mangistau region, they are “sitting” on a gas field, producing blue fuel, but they have to be, as the proverb goes, shoemakers without boots, buying gas literally at exorbitant prices because of the games on the stock exchange.

In accordance with the concept of the “hearing state”, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev responded to the protests in a timely manner, ordering first to reduce the price of gas in the “hot” region, and then deciding to introduce state regulation of prices for gasoline, diesel fuel and liquefied gas throughout Kazakhstan for a period of 180 days.

It would seem that the citizens’ demands were met, but the protests, unexpectedly for everyone, not only continued, but received an extremely aggressive continuation.

“They always try to disguise a coup d’état as popular indignation. After the economic requirements are met, the people who are going to express their discontent will not go to the storming of the city hall and other state buildings. Because they perfectly understand that this is a crime. Despite the fact that we saw a huge number of ordinary people on the streets, we, alas, have another edition of the technology of color revolutions in front of us ”, – writer Nikolai Starikov commented on the tragic events in Kazakhstan.

“These are definitely not spontaneous demonstrations of people. It is impossible to take so many people to an unauthorized, unprepared manifestation. Moreover, at the same time in different cities of Kazakhstan … I know one thing – not a single revolution in the world took place without sacrifices, not a single revolution brought benefit to the people, “says the deputy of the State Duma of Russia Alexander Iltyakov.

So all these days we have been observing, under the guise of “popular protest”, ordinary attempts to overthrow the legally elected government in Kazakhstan.

Marauders and assassins

Here is just some chronicle of the pogroms that swept across the country. The epicenter is the former capital of Kazakhstan, now Almaty. On January 5, several hundred participants in the riots were able to break into the building of the akimat of Almaty and partially set it on fire. Also, street criminals seized the city police departments and the National Security Committee. Defending the statehood, more than ten law enforcement officers were killed (according to the latest updated data, the terrorists killed 18 police officers, while two were beheaded), 353 employees were injured.

Simultaneously with the attack on the authorities, street criminals began to destroy the largest shopping centers in Almaty. The list of those plundered by looters included such shopping centers as TsUM, Magnum, Mega Alma-Ata, Esentai, Promenade. According to Dmitry Shishkin, PR manager of the Magnum network, the attackers had firearms with them. There is a video on the Internet of how looters on a tractor ram the entrance to the bank in Almaty. The media report dozens of promoted ATMs, as well as the seizure and arson of cash collection vehicles.

In addition, the rioters attacked TV companies. First of all, the building of the Almaty branch of the national state TV channel “Kazakhstan” was destroyed. The criminals beat up the staff of the TV channel, opened the safes and burned down the studio. A similar act of intimidation was committed in the building of the Mir interstate television and radio company. Already today there was information that the outrageous pogromists surrounded two clinical hospitals in Almaty, not letting in the medical staff and demanding drugs.

Riots swept through other large cities of the republic. In Kyzylorda, 14 people were killed during street pogroms. In Taldy-Kurgan, criminals demolished a monument to the first president, Nursultan Nazarbayev, and set the akimat on fire. In total, as a result of the riots in Kazakhstan, more than a thousand people were injured, of which almost 400 were hospitalized, the republican Ministry of Health clarifies. Against this background, the President of Kazakhstan first announced the introduction of a state of emergency in the Mangistau and Almaty regions, and then expanded the special regime to the entire territory of the country.

Obviously, the marauders and killers of police officers are clearly not among the first “peaceful Protestants” who demanded that the authorities lower gas prices. The President of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev, speaking with his second address to the nation in 24 hours, without diplomatic equivocation declared about the “invasion of bandit formations”.

“Crowds of bandit elements beat up the servicemen, mock them, drive them naked down the street, abuse women, rob shops,” the president said.

According to him, the protesters who seized city administrations, police stations and other security agencies are “terrorist gangs” that have been “trained abroad.” “In this regard, relying on the collective security treaty, I today turned to the heads of the CSTO states to assist Kazakhstan in overcoming this terrorist threat,” Tokayev said.

According to the head of Kazakhstan, what is happening is “the issue of the security of our state.” “I am sure the people will support me. Whatever it is, I will be in the capital. It is my constitutional duty to be with the people. Together we will overcome this black strip in the history of Kazakhstan. We will emerge from it strong, ”concluded Tokayev.

As a result, the CSTO headquarters agreed on the introduction of a peacekeeping force of 3.6 thousand servicemen. They included the Armed Forces of Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Tajikistan.

“A peaceful protest cannot be accompanied by looting and violence, the events in Kazakhstan show the signature of an external terrorist intervention,” said Leonid Slutsky, head of the State Duma’s international affairs committee.

And the director of the Agency for Ethno-National Strategies, Doctor of Historical Sciences Alexander Kobrinsky also believes that foreign forces are behind all these unrest. “People don’t go out on the street just like that and in such weather. Moreover, look at how all this is developing synchronously. Do all the protesters use gas? What nonsense! On the other hand, when the president of Kazakhstan holds the situation, holds the country, then, of course, he will find himself at a qualitatively new level of presidency. And his authority will be fundamentally different, and all his further endeavors will receive great unconditional support. I hope that the people of Kazakhstan will support their president and will not allow the destruction of their own state, whose 30th anniversary has just been celebrated, and which has been developing so beautifully and positively all these years, ”Professor Kobrinsky commented to the KeyNews telegram channel.

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