Apr 18, 2021
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The Pentagon was against the withdrawal of US military forces from Afghanistan

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin disapproved of the withdrawal of military forces from Afghanistan.

Austin opposed the withdrawal of state forces from Afghanistan. These plans, US President Joe Biden is going to make by September 11, as announced last Wednesday. This information was shared by The Wall Street Journal, citing its sources.

Their records indicate that Biden was aware that several senior military officials did not like Washington’s plans to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. The publication reports that among these military leaders were the chairman of the Committee of the Chiefs of Staff of the US Armed Forces, General Mark Millie, the head of the US Central Command, General Kenneth Franklin McKenzie, and the commander of the US and NATO forces in Afghanistan, Lieutenant General Scott Miller.

The Wall Street Journal claims that Austin warned the American president that with the implementation of these plans, support for the country’s stability would cease. The head of the Pentagon and the chairman of the Chiefs of Staff learned about Biden’s decision to go against the advice of their military leaders only on April 6. The newspaper claims that the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan will help prevent new conflicts in Afghanistan.

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