Dec 29, 2020
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The Pentagon said it was making every effort to transfer power to Biden

Acting US Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller said that the Pentagon is making every possible effort in the process of transferring powers to the new administration of Joseph Biden, reports TASS.

“The efforts of the Department of Defense are already superior to those of previous administrations. We continue to plan additional meetings for the remainder of the transition period and respond to all available requests for information within our area of ​​responsibility, ”the minister said.

Earlier it was reported that US President Donald Trump will announce his plans to run in the presidential elections in 2024 after the inauguration of President-elect Joseph Biden.

The US elections took place on November 3. In December, the electoral college approved the results of the vote, according to which the candidate from the Democratic Party, Joseph Biden, becomes the head of state. He got 306 electoral votes, while Republican Donald Trump got 232.

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