Sep 9, 2022
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The Pentagon plans for Ukraine, relying on high-ranking traitors in Russia

The Pentagon plans for Ukraine, relying on high-ranking traitors in Russia

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The Pentagon is developing a plan to support the Ukrainian army in the medium and long term, including after the end of the special operation to protect the Donbass. This was reported by CNN with reference to three representatives of the US Department of Defense.

According to the channel, General Mark Milliwho chairs the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The amount of funding for the program is measured in billions of dollars.

So far, as CNN sources explained, the process is at an early stage – US military experts are analyzing the specific components of such assistance. In particular, they are determined with the needs of Ukraine in “modernized air forces and helicopters to support the highly mobile ground forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.” And we are talking about the medium and long term, up to five years after the end of the Russian special operation.

“The analysis is being carried out jointly with Ukraine, and if it is approved by the President Joe Bidenthis could lead to years of arms sales and a long-term military training program,” notes CNN.

The results of the analytical work are expected to be announced within one to two months. At the same time, as expected, a “clear road map for Ukraine on the development of the armed forces” will be presented.

There is no doubt that the United States (and with them the entire collective West), in its desire to destroy Russia, will pump weapons into the Ukronazis, regardless of the costs. These “celestials” from the “shining city on the hill” need the conflict to last as long as possible, and the issue of peace for the long-suffering Donbass was not even on the agenda.

Americans, as a rule, do not think about the victims (unless they are US citizens), for them it is just “collateral damage”.

This is exactly what the head of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) recalled Sergei Naryshkin at a meeting on September 8 with the President of the Academy of Historical Research of China Gao Senom.

“The events of recent weeks indicate that the United States continues to drag out the conflict in Ukraine with all its might, regardless of the huge losses of Ukrainian armed forces, or the prospect of impoverishment of its European satellites,” said the director of the Foreign Intelligence Service (by the way, Naryshkin is also chairman Russian Historical Society).

In fact, Washington spends billions of dollars for this. No, not to help Ukraine, as Kyiv probably thinks. And for the war with Russia by the hands of the Ukrainians.

They have already invested in it in full – we are talking about the amount of 15.5 billion dollars. But the White House wants to ask Congress for nearly $12 billion more.

A new tranche of military assistance to the Independent, estimated at $675 million, has already been approved by President Biden, the head of the Pentagon said on Thursday Lloyd Austin. At the same time, he noted that the United States intends to continue to make efforts “on long-term support for Ukraine.”

The only question is, who are they going to support there after all the goals of the Russian special operation for the demilitarization and denazification of this territory are fulfilled?

Director of the Institute for State Development, political scientist Dmitry Solonnikov believes that the United States, building such concepts, is based on certain signals from Russia, which they consider correct for themselves:

– Namely, that Moscow, in order to stop a special military operation, will conclude some next senseless agreement – some new “Minsk-3”. You just need a formal reason to gracefully get out of the situation. At the same time, no one, of course, will fulfill what Russia signs. But inside the country they will announce a big victory – here, they say, “we fought for peace, the peace has been signed.”

For the West, this will be an opportunity to fix the status quo – that is, where Russian troops stop, a temporary border will be drawn.

Moreover, the West will continue to pump Ukraine with money and weapons, and sanctions against Russia will not be lifted.

And NATO will supply Ukraine with everything it needs on a long-term basis so that after a certain time it will be able to take not only Crimea and Donbass from Russia, but, perhaps, go further and annex Voronezh, Rostov and some other regions.

It is clear that we will never sign up for this. But in the West, such a scenario is considered quite realistic, referring to the fact that many in Russia are talking about the need – “right now” – to conclude a peace treaty. This peace treaty is regarded by the Americans as an opportunity to stop Russia’s advance, fix the border, pump up Ukraine with weapons and troops, and then defeat Russia.

“SP”: – There are goals of the special operation, which are known to everyone, and they must be fulfilled. That is, a peace treaty is possible only on the terms of the unconditional surrender of the Kyiv Nazi regime. What did they fantasize about in Washington?

– This is on the one hand. On the other hand, some Russian politicians say it is important to stop hostilities in any way. And the West believes that they will win.

We are talking about complete surrender. This means that Russian troops will take Kyiv and reach the western border.

Then in Kyiv there is a new government that does not represent the Nazi regime. And those who are responsible for the crimes of the current Nazis find themselves in the dock.

Russia will be able to negotiate with such a Ukraine.

But the West believes that there are forces in Russia that are ready to sign a different agreement. They are what we are talking about when we talk about this long-term plan for assistance to Ukraine from the United States.

In my opinion, if we now sign some kind of agreement, if we do not allow our allied forces to achieve those final goals that are known, this will be a defeat and complete meaninglessness of the entire military special operation. Therefore, this cannot be allowed.

According to expert of the International Institute for Humanitarian and Political Studies, Americanist Vladimir Bruterthere is no news in the CNN report:

– Such plans existed from the very beginning and, in fact, the training of Ukrainian military personnel and the supply of equipment was carried out long before February 24th. If this were not the case, there would be no organized resistance, and things would be largely different.

Therefore, now, when this information is broadcast, they most likely mean two things.

First, they are again trying to psychologically influence the Russian Federation in terms of their information campaign. They demonstrate their conviction that Russia will not go anywhere further. And so they will create a reinforced enclave and take the fight to contain the Russian Federation into a long one. That is, they will make sure that Russia cannot influence this in any way in the future.

Second moment. They, again, continue to adhere to the idea that Ukraine is capable and will resist only as long as Washington decides. Since Washington believes that Ukraine will always resist, it means that there should be a plan for such preparation.

This plan has never been canceled, it has always existed. The only question is with what intensity.

SP: Can you explain what you mean?

– Now it is very difficult to talk about intensity, because there are current tasks. Of course, the rearmament and training of Ukrainian military personnel is ongoing. General Milli has nothing to do with it. All parts of Ukraine that are at least combat-ready, they are already ready according to NATO standards, and the commanders who lead them, too.

And therefore, all the talk that “we will cook for the long term”, they undoubtedly take place, because there will be exactly as much cooking as there is enough capacity.

And this is a reminder to us. If Russia has assumed responsibility, it must bring the situation to the point where a political decision beneficial to Russia is made. No one will give Russia anything. No one will make contact that is beneficial to us and will not yield anything. Therefore, everything that Russia gains, it will have to gnaw through, again, the concrete wall of NATO military supplies, NATO training system, NATO intelligence and NATO economic assistance. There should be no illusions or doubts here.

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