Aug 31, 2021
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The Pentagon justified itself for the dogs abandoned in Kabul: "They are not American!"

The Pentagon has denied reports of service dogs abandoned in Kabul. The pets of the Kabul animal shelter, not American dogs, were abandoned in the cages, the spokesman said.

The Pentagon hastened to justify itself after a photo appeared on the Web from the Kabul airport, which shows dogs left in cages in front of an American helicopter. The picture was published by the American organization American Humane, an animal welfare organization.

It was alleged that the photo showed American service dogs that were abandoned during the hasty evacuation from Afghanistan. In this regard, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby made a statement.

U.S. troops did not leave any dogs in cages at (Kabul) Hamid Karzai International Airport, including supposedly serving military dogs.

– he wrote on Twitter.

After that, the representative of the US military department nevertheless clarified that the dogs abandoned at the airport are pets of a small Kabul animal shelter. But they have nothing to do with the United States, he stressed. However, the press secretary did not explain why the dogs were thrown in cages next to American equipment.

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