Apr 18, 2022
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The Pentagon is furious over the defeat in Syria, and is trying to take revenge in Ukraine

The Pentagon is furious over the defeat in Syria, and is trying to take revenge in Ukraine

Photo: Zuma/TASS

vindictive grandfather Joe Biden is trying to “squeeze” from Russia its most important allies – from India to Brazil. But exactly where Washington’s efforts will be absolutely fruitless is in Syria, experts are sure.

The Syrian people are grateful to Russia for saving them from terrorism. In addition, for Moscow, Syria is not just a strategic ally, but also the “key” to the entire Middle East.

The importance of the Syrian experience for Russia is also emphasized by the fact that General Alexander Dvornikovthanks to which Damascus was saved in 2015. Dvornikov is actually a national hero of Syria. He will also immortalize his name in the Donbass.

And the Americans are waiting for another shame.

Turn on Baladi: Americans will try to blackmail Assad, but to no avail

Syria is one of Russia’s main allies. And even today, when the attention of the Russian military and diplomats is focused on the Ukrainian direction, Moscow will not forget about Syria. After all, this is a springboard for presence in the Middle East, where Russia had no serious successes before the start of the anti-terrorist operation in 2015, says an Arab analyst. Mahmoud al-Hamza in an interview with Enab Baladi.

After the start of the special operation in Ukraine, Russia did not begin to reduce the military contingent in Syria. The number of sorties of aircraft that smash the militants has not decreased either. In addition, Russia maintains close diplomatic contacts not only with Syria, but also with Iran and Turkey, which are also guarantors of a peaceful settlement.

Now American proxies – Kurdish fighters – control only a very small area along the Euphrates River in the province of Raqqa and on the border with Iraq. The Kurds do not have sufficient forces to try to inflict any serious counterattack on government forces.

The only realistic option, says Enab Baladi analyst Khaled al-Jaratliis Washington’s attempt to hold separate talks with the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. They may try to persuade him to betray Russia in exchange for the lifting of some sanctions on Syria.

A similar scenario, recalls al-Jaratli, the Biden administration has already tried to implement in the case of Iran and Venezuela – also strategic allies of Russia. And in both cases, Washington achieved nothing: the negotiators were sent to hell.

middle East Eye: Americans only lost in the Middle East, Russia won

Syria for Americans is a bone in the throat, not only because it is a state friendly to Russia. The Russian victory over the terrorists in Syria reminds the Yankees of their own inferiority.

Russia’s anti-terrorist special operation in Syria is unique in that for the first time in the history of the Middle East, a foreign state has managed to achieve a military victory. A military analyst drew attention to this a few years ago. Kamal Alam from the British Institute of Public Administration in a publication in the Middle East Eye.

All previous military interventions carried out by the Americans in the Middle East ended in a military and diplomatic fiasco. The Americans have not been successful in Libya, Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan – in fact, all these operations have led to disastrous failures.

Thus, the Americans were forced to actually transfer Iraq under the control of Iran after the overthrow of Saddam.

In Libya, the Americans after the overthrow Muammar Gaddafi gave the country to the plunder of terrorist groups.

In Yemen, a former American ally Ali Abdullah Saleh was expelled and killed.

From Egypt and Palestine, where the Americans also tried to carry out their “export of democracy”, the United States was expelled in disgrace.

The Russian campaign in Syria led to completely opposite results, Alam states. The Syrian authorities regained control over almost the entire territory of the country and strengthened ties not only with Russia, but also with Iran.

France24: Russia and Syria only strengthen economic and humanitarian ties

Russia and Syria are already linked by something more than just joint military successes in the fight against terrorists. Both countries have inextricable economic and humanitarian ties, draws the attention of France24.

Bashar al-Assad not only regained control of his own country, but, having remained in power, again became a handshake leader in the world community. Assad recently made his first international visit to the UAE since the start of the civil war in 2011. This gave rise to talk about the possible imminent return of Syria to the League of Arab States.

The situation angered the Americans: the official representative of the US State Department Ned Price said Washington was “deeply disappointed and concerned” by Assad’s official visit to Abu Dhabi. Although, it would seem, what business should the Americans have with the Syrian president. By the way, re-elected president until 2028. It is Russia that helps Assad in international recognition, and for this Damascus will not accept American blackmail.

Damascus and Moscow have already signed several agreements in the field of energy, construction and agriculture. For example, the largest Syrian port of Tartus will be modernized by the Stroytransgaz company: a management agreement has been signed for 49 years.

The same company received a 49-year concession to mine phosphates in the Palmyra region. Stroytransgaz also received a contract for demining, restoration, research and development of the Al-Tavr oil fields.

Moscow also provides Syria with financial assistance for post-war reconstruction, exports wheat. Hundreds of Syrian students study in Russian universities, and in Syria itself, the Russian language is already taught in more than a hundred schools. Humanitarian ties are also being established by the Russian Cultural Center in Damascus: language lessons, seminars, exhibitions and lectures are held here.

Are the Yankees able to blackmail these long-term ties?! Rhetorical question…

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