Sep 15, 2022
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The Pentagon is afraid to release its fighters into the Ukrainian sky

In the photo: American F-15 fighter

In the photo: American F-15 fighter (Photo: dpa/picture-alliance/TASS)

Washington, along with its allies, is discussing the possibility of deliveries to Ukraine in the medium and long term of multi-role fighters, as well as air defense systems, writes the British edition of the Financial Times, citing its own source in the US military.

At the same time, the United States, according to a Pentagon representative, is currently not ready to carry out such deliveries, although the other day the “zahisniki” demanded that the Americans send tanks and other types of weapons – a total of 28 items. Moreover, Western countries have previously hesitated to supply advanced weapons.

The interlocutor of the British newspaper also promised to continue “focusing on continuing close cooperation with Ukrainians and the international community to provide them with the necessary support.”

It should be recalled that the former Deputy Head of the US Department of Defense for Political Affairs Colin Kol talked about the discussion of the delivery of fourth-generation fighters to Kyiv. “Fighters remain under consideration, but no final decision has been made,” he said. At the same time, he did not name the brands of aircraft that the Pentagon is ready to make available to the Armed Forces of Ukraine – F-14, F-15, or F-16. However, Kol made a reservation, the transfer of aircraft could take years.

The deputy head of the Pentagon also said that “Washington’s current priority is for the Ukrainians to be able to use the aircraft that they have now to influence the course of the current conflict,” TASS quoted TASS as saying.

And at the end of August, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre reported that a decision on the supply of fighter jets to Kyiv had not yet been made. She noted that since 2021, Washington has provided Ukraine with assistance in the amount of three times its annual defense budget.

By the way, back in July, Advisor to the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Yuri Sak said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not need the old American A-10 Warthog attack aircraft, instead of which the “independents” want to get more modern F-15s.

Military political scientist, head of the Department of Political Science and Sociology of the Russian University of Economics. G.V. Plekhanov Andrey Koshkin notices that the United States, for all its stubbornness and passion for the desire to suppress Russia, nevertheless chooses forms and methods that are safe for themselves.

– Deliveries of firearms, artillery weapons, even MLRS are still acceptable for them. Kyiv’s constant requests to supply it with planes, anti-aircraft missiles are still not satisfied, because this is a conflict reaching a new level and this can lead to a direct clash between NATO and Russia, which the Americans are trying to avoid. After all, in this case, they themselves will have to be drawn into hostilities.

“SP”: – They are not ready for this, despite the militant rhetoric?

The United States understands that Russia has very effective strategic forces, to which it is vulnerable in many ways. This is what forces the American establishment to restrain those “hawks” who want to measure their strength with Russia, and in fact – to unleash a third world war. Nobody wants it, but the States want to continue playing a military confrontation with our country in Ukraine, providing it with all kinds of assistance, and here they are ready to fight to the last Ukrainian. The rest of the arguments for refusing to supply more powerful weapons – the unpreparedness of the Ukrainian military to fly fighter jets, the lack of infrastructure – is a sham. Everything rests on the unwillingness of the United States to be under attack. After all, the Americans, whatever you say, perfectly hear our warnings to stop pumping weapons to the neo-Nazi regime of Zelensky, otherwise Moscow will be forced to take drastic measures.

“SP”: – That is, it holds them back?

– Looks like it’s holding back. They are ready to continue to strengthen the Ukrainian regime, to help it, but they do not want to reach a certain line, which they are not going to cross. They understand that if our strategic forces come into action, it will be very difficult to stop the process later.

“SP”: – There is such a position that the Americans will still supply these fighter jets and other more modern weapons to the Ukrainian side. And in some way it can be used to your advantage – to learn how to counteract these weapons in the light of a possible future clash with NATO, or even try to capture these weapons.

“It seems to me that this is such a far-fetched point of view. Because the same Americans still don’t have any “miracle weapon”. And we, in principle, represent the effect of their weapons. All the same, the United States will not supply a lot of modern equipment for Ukraine. The same HIMARS complexes do not give Kyiv much. And our Smerch complexes are certainly no worse. Another thing is that the US has developed other, more long-range missiles for HIMARS, and they are quietly selling the old ones to the Ukrainian side. So, there is a range of weapons that Washington is ready to supply to the Zelensky regime. But there is such a technique, the appearance of which in the Armed Forces of Ukraine will mean the transition of a certain line. And while the Americans understand this.

Military expert Ivan Konovalov recalled that earlier a number of high-ranking American representatives firmly made it clear that the transfer of fourth-generation fighter jets to Kyiv is still impossible.

– If it happens, then certainly not in the near future – at least in a year or two. On the other hand, to fly these aircraft, you need to train pilots, which also takes quite a long time.

“SP”: – Americans doubt that Ukrainian military pilots will quickly master the same F-fifteen?

– Kyiv, firstly, does not have a sufficient number of such pilots. And the existing ones are not good: they will simply ruin the planes and that’s it. In addition, this is a very expensive technique, the loss of which will become very sensitive for Washington. Finally, a significant number of military leaders and politicians believe that the supply of such weapons could lead to a direct clash with Russia, which they do not want. Washington’s fears that these fighters may one way or another fall into the hands of our military cannot be ruled out. These factors are holding back the United States.

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