Jun 9, 2022
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The Pentagon arranged a hunt for “Daggers” of Russia

The Pentagon arranged a hunt for

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The Americans received fragments of Russian Kinzhal missiles after the Russian Federation hit them on the territory of Ukraine. About this writes the publication “Free Press”.

The media got information that American specialists visited the territory of Ukraine after the Russian Federation attacked it with Kh-47M2 Kinzhal hypersonic missiles. They were used to strike at protected underground facilities. Experts from the United States have collected the remains of missiles to study the technology used by the Russian Federation to create hypersonic weapons.

Special services veteran Alexander Mikhailov believes that there is nothing wrong with the fact that fragments of the complex could get into the United States. He noted that after the impact, such a missile is destroyed, so it is unlikely that the Americans will receive any important information.

“Any weapon is designed to hit the enemy. Naturally, something remains from these weapons, from those shells and missiles that are fired at targets, but I don’t think that after hitting the target, it remains possible to study the product that was struck, ”said Mikhailov.

A veteran of the special services, Sergei Goncharov, agrees with him. He also added that the Americans will not be able to find anything essentially new in Russian technology. And to get important information, you need to get a whole rocket and launch complex.

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