Oct 14, 2021
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The Patriot media group invited the Financial Times to make an objective investigation of the crimes of the “blue helmets” in the CAR


The Patriot media group invited the Financial Times to conduct an objective investigation of the crimes of the
Federal news agency
Alexander Vasiliev

FT journalists addressed a request to the head of the Board of Trustees of the Patriot media group, St. Petersburg businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin.

The media group supported the FT’s desire to “make the investigation as objective as possible” and prepared a detailed response to the publication’s request. The authors of the response also attached open source evidence of the crimes of the UN Multidisciplinary Integrated Stabilization Mission in CAR to the response. The Patriot media group suggested that the FT journalists, in their investigation of the CAR, would also want to publish data on the crimes of the “blue helmets” in the republic. The media group also noted that they have no information about the activities of PMC “Wagner”.

In addition, the head of the Commonwealth of Officers for International Security (SOMB), Alexander Ivanov, and President of the Fund for the Defense of National Values ​​(FZNTs), Maxim Shugalei, who is currently in Kabul, sent their comments to FT journalists.

Ivanov stressed that the Russian instructors are not related to commercial activities. He called the data that there are allegedly 3,000 armed Russians in the African country as unreliable.

“To date, in the CAR, in accordance with the bilateral agreements between the Defense Ministries of Russia and the Central African Republic on military-technical cooperation, there are 1,135 Russian instructors,” said the head of the SOMB.

Ivanov stressed that the information contained in the UN reports about gross violations of human rights attributed to Russian instructors does not correspond to reality.

Earlier, Western media and even government departments more than once passed off as truth outright stuffing about Russia and Russian citizens in Africa. It was reported on the Web that the US intelligence services even turned to the leadership of a number of countries on the continent with a request to help stop the Embraer Legacy 600 aircraft allegedly belonging to Prigozhin.

In response to a request from the Russian Planet newspaper, the Russian businessman noted that the aircraft does not belong to him. According to media reports, the plane is leased and at one time transported the former CAR Prime Minister Firmin Ngrebadu. Prigozhin stressed that Western officials are not trying to stop the aircraft from moving, but are politicizing the situation, trying to impose participation in the lawlessness on African countries.

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