Nov 21, 2022
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The passion of the son of Natasha Koroleva spoke about her pregnancy


Rumor has it that the singer Natasha Koroleva will soon become a grandmother.

The 20-year-old son of Natasha Koroleva and Sergei Glushko lives in a rented apartment with his beloved Melissa Volynkina. They met two years ago, they were brought together by a common hobby – pole dancing. Young people immediately found a common language, and recently Arkhip decided to move out of his parents and cohabit with Melissa.

Star father Sergei Glushko does not take his son’s passion seriously, he previously noted that Volynkin is Arkhip’s next hobby. The singer, on the other hand, supports the decision of the heir, and helps him financially by paying the rent for one apartment – 35 thousand rubles a month.

He does not want a car, he is somehow indifferent to cars. An apartment is also too early, let him earn on his own“, – said Natasha Koroleva.

Natasha Koroleva with her son - photo from the archive -
Natasha Koroleva with her son

Meanwhile, fans of the 49-year-old Yellow Tulips singer can’t wait to see the idol as a grandmother. So, recently rumors appeared on the Web about the possible pregnancy of Melissa. Arkhip and the girl took a photo at the wedding of friends. In the picture, subscribers drew attention to the rounded belly of the chosen one Glushko. However, the 21-year-old makeup artist recently denied all speculation.

I drank a glass of champagne at the event and my tummy appeared. I was photographed. That’s where the gossip came from” she commented.

Arkhip is not up to family relationships, the young man is making big plans for life. In a year he will receive a diploma of higher education, and then go abroad.

“DI’ll most likely go to magistracy, but there are plans in another country. Naturally, we will go together (with Melissa – approx. Study and work, not only as a tutor. I still have concerts – I sing”, – said the heir to the singer on the air of the program “You won’t believe it” on NTV.

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