Jun 23, 2022
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The passages of Russian and Chinese ships alarmed the Japanese

There are demands for Japan’s nuclear armament and joining AUKUS

Japan’s right-wing nationalist newspaper, the Sankei Shimbun, stirs up anti-Russian and anti-Chinese sentiments in the country, intimidating residents with almost the encirclement of the Land of the Rising Sun and imminent “aggression”. The reason was the passage of the destroyers of the Navy of Russia and China hundreds of kilometers from the coast of Japan.

While acknowledging that the maneuvers of the Russian and Chinese navies are “aimed at deterring Japan and the United States,” the newspaper goes into detail: “Three Chinese ships and another reconnaissance vessel moved north through the Eastern Passage between June 12 and 13. In the Sea of ​​Japan, they separated: on June 16-17, two destroyers passed through the Soya Strait (Laperousa), and supply and reconnaissance ships on June 16 through the Tsugaru Strait (Sangara) …

In turn, three frigates of the Russian Navy, a destroyer and a ship of the measuring complex were spotted on June 15 about 280 kilometers southeast of Cape Erimo, Hokkaido.

On June 16 and 17, they moved southwest at a distance of about 180 kilometers southeast of Inubosaki and passed near the Izu Islands. Passing the Miyako Strait between Okinawa and Miyako, on June 21 they left the East China Sea for the Sea of ​​Japan. Off the Izu Islands, they were joined by two more (military) ships. As a result, a group of seven ships was formed.

The maneuvers of the Russian and Chinese ships were used by the Japanese government to instill a sense of danger among the Japanese. Japanese Cabinet Secretary General Hirokazu Matsuno stated at a press conference on June 21 that “Japan will continue to closely monitor the relevant actions and will take all possible measures to ensure security and surveillance”. And Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi expressed concern that these actions pose a threat to Japan.

“Although this time the Chinese and Russian fleets are moving separately, there is a possibility that China and Russia are working together as they cover long distances at the same time. The Ministry of Defense of Japan is analyzing the goals of China and Russia’s actions, and is also increasing vigilance regarding what is happening.” – notes the author of the article in “Sankei Shimbun” Toyohiro Ichioka.

Against this background, the responses of Japanese readers are not surprising. Users are already openly demanding nuclear weapons from Japan and “preemptive” strikes on the bases of China, Russia and North Korea. Considering that the Sankei Shimbun is read mainly by Japanese with a pronounced nationalist orientation, there was not a single commentator among those who would be concerned about the reduction of Japanese-Russian relations to an all-time low. On the contrary, they are calling for a military confrontation with Russia.

This has already been recognized in the Kremlin. “Relations with this country (Japan) are at the lowest possible level, in fact, all relations are curtailed, we know that Japan takes a hostile position towards our country…”, – says the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov.

The following are hostile remarks by readers of the Sankei Shimbun against Russia and China.

Lij. “Japan has no other choice but to shift its focus from defensive to offensive weapons. China and Russia already have strategic plans to attack Japan.”

Tar. “It is time for the Japanese military to lecture the public on the use of weapons, evacuation and first aid. Then it will be too late. Posting on social media is useless. It’s time to act.”

RdI. “A military threat to both Russia and China is the US military presence in Japan. The only way for us to stop them without a war is to become a nuclear power.”

rna. “Judging by the route, the goal is not in the defense of China and Russia, but in hostile actions against Japan.”

Us. “Obviously, Japan is in danger, so it is necessary to get rid of outdated views as soon as possible, increase the defense budget to 2% of GDP, pass a law on espionage and the ability to strike enemy bases. There is an urgent need to strengthen defense capabilities in intelligence, artificial intelligence, space and cyberspace, join AUKUS, deploy US nuclear weapons, and amend the Constitution.”

Qq3. “Western countries should unite and impose sanctions against China, as well as against Russia. The outflow of Western investment and technology is associated with China’s military buildup, which, in turn, threatens the security of the West. We should not cooperate with China even if the world economy reaches a dead end.”

Gommakain. “Deterrence through nuclear weapons is the only way to counter communist threats in the near future. The Kishida administration must understand that when a nuclear weapon is put to its throat, it will be too late. Now that the United States has ceased to be a policeman and has lost its “divine” power, countries must protect themselves.”

Redzistan. “Chinese and Russian warships often appear near Japan. Not only ships, but also submarines ply! To protect the maritime borders from the Sea of ​​Japan, more destroyers and submarines must be deployed to increase combat readiness.

Hello. “If you ignore what is happening, it will only get worse and worse. We are mocked, and we are trying to resolve issues with the help of diplomacy. The situation will get out of control. We need to seriously think about the future of Japan, and not just about the elections.”

So. “I wonder if one or two observation ships are enough? It is necessary to create a rapid response system of frigates, submarines and helicopter carriers. After the start of the special operation in Ukraine, Russia, China and the DPRK go on provocations to test the combat readiness of Japan.”

Photo: InoSMI

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