Apr 18, 2021
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The Party of Socialists of Moldova demanded the resignation of Sandu

The Party of Socialists of Moldova accused the President of the Republic, Maia Sandu, of an unconstitutional conspiracy and demanded her resignation. This was stated by the leader of the party Igor Dodon.

After the meeting of the republican council of the party on April 18, the ex-president of the republic wrote on his Facebook page that “Maia Sandu personally participated in an anti-national and anti-constitutional conspiracy against the country and its people.” He stressed that the Party of Socialists demands “the resignation of the current president and the holding of early elections for the leader of the state.”

Dodon called the Constitutional Court’s decision to dissolve parliament a “constitutional coup”, the task of which is to establish in the country “a regime of external administration in the interests of foreign curators.”

The politician said that the socialists expressed no confidence in the composition of the Constitutional Court and demanded the resignation of three of its members, headed by its chairman Domnica Manole. Also, the former head of Moldova said that the party continues to insist on the appointment of Vladimir Golovatyuk as prime minister.

At the same time, he noted that the conditions for holding any elections are the country’s receiving 1.5 million doses of high-quality vaccine against COVID-19 and at least 600 thousand vaccinated citizens.

Earlier it was reported that the Constitutional Court of Moldova confirmed the right of President Maia Sandu to dissolve the parliament, since the deputies twice did not approve the government.

According to the country’s legislation, elections are held under the majoritarian system no earlier than 60 days, but no later than three months after the date of the dissolution of parliament.

The former prime minister of the republic, Ion Chicu, stepped down after Sandu came to power in December last year. Moldovan deputies have already rejected the candidates for the post of Prime Minister proposed by the head of state twice.

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