May 20, 2020
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The Parliament of Bulgaria protested the administrative reform in Ukraine

The National Assembly (Parliament) of Bulgaria 20 on May adopted a statement on the inadmissibility of dividing the Bolgradsky District Odessa region in the framework of the administrative-territorial reform in Ukraine. This was reported by the press service of the parliament.

The statement was supported by 100 deputies at abstention.

The Parliament calls on the Bulgarian government to appeal to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and accept all possible measures to ensure the integrity of the Bulgarian community and protect its rights.

The application was sent to the Bulgarian Embassy in Ukraine.

Bolgradsky district with A population of about 20 thousand people is a place of compact residence of Bulgarians. It was assumed that within the framework of decentralization, within its borders, one united territorial community (UTO) will be created.

18 On May, journalist Irina Grib published a document in Telegram from a conciliatory conference call with the participation of representatives of the Odessa Regional State Administration, the Office of the President and People’s Deputies, in which it is planned to divide the Bolgradsky District into five UTO.

The decentralization reform in Ukraine continues with 2014 of the year. The process of creating new administrative-territorial units - united territorial communities - started in 2015 - m.

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