Sep 21, 2022
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The parents of a small air passenger gave people candy and earplugs

candy and earplugs for passengersMany air passengers, seeing a small child on an airplane, are irritated in advance, and they can be understood.

candy and earplugs for passengers

Spending a long time on an airplane, side by side with a screaming and crying baby, is something else. However, these strangers, who were flying with their 7-month-old son Hugo, did their best to appease the people around in advance. They handed each passenger a bag. Inside was a note written in the name of Hugo himself. It said that the baby can be noisy, so passengers should plug their ears and eat something sweet. The note was accompanied by earplugs and a few sweets.

candy and earplugs for passengers

A photo of the gift has surfaced on social media, and people are discussing Hugo’s mom and dad’s unusual act, rejoicing that caring for others still has a place in our world. Of course, nothing can be done about a crying little child, but at least the parents showed touching courtesy to anyone who is forced to listen to a baby cry.

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