Sep 8, 2021
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The Panjshir Valley cannot be captured

The Panjshir Valley cannot be captured

Defenders of the Panjshir Valley begin a long war with the Taliban.

The main forces of the Afghan Front of Resistance were withdrawn from the capital of the Valley of Bazarak and abandoned the “last battle” in order to continue the guerrilla war against the invaders.

The turning point in the battle came when Pakistani aviation, supported by ground special forces, began to strike at the positions of the militia. The leader of the resistance, Ahmad Massoud, hid in a maze of gorges and dozens of Panjshir valleys along pre-planned escape routes. An army of one hundred thousand is needed to capture this mountainous region.

Massoud announced that the Taliban had suffered more casualties in recent fighting than in the capture of all other provinces. An appeal from the Front appeared on the Internet, it says that the war is not for the governor’s palace in Bazarak, but for the whole country.

The Taliban faced the expected problems, three weeks after their capture of Kabul, they have not been able to present the new government of Afghanistan. Rumors came from Kabul of a violent confrontation between the powerful Khaggani network and the Taliban leader Baradar, and there were even skirmishes between their supporters.

Many Taliban leaders have spent recent years in comfortable apartments in Qatar and Pakistan, the owners paid for all these amenities of civilization, so the Taliban bosses are now so eager to negotiate with the West and get money from it for the functioning of their governing apparatus. The lack of funds is now felt throughout Afghanistan, only Qatar and Pakistan are somehow trying to support life in a starving country. And Afghan youth announced their reluctance to go back twenty years. Daily protests are held in Kabul and other major cities.

Nikolay Ivanov


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