Nov 19, 2022
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The owner of the gym made a divine symbol from sports equipment

divine symbol in the gymInterior design in gyms, as a rule, does not shine with creativity. Which is logical – people do not come to such premises at all in order to admire the decoration.

divine symbol in the gym

But this gym owner from Gwalior (India) thought differently and presented the jewelry to the attention of his visitors.

divine symbol in the gym

And not ordinary, but spiritual. This is the lingam, which is a symbol of the divine generative force in Hinduism. But this symbol is not made from natural materials (that is, stones), as is traditionally expected, but from sports equipment.

divine symbol in the gym

The unusual innovation in the hall not only surprised people, but also touched many of them. Lingam was considered an excellent combination of a creative approach to life and spirituality. And, of course, the love of sports.

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