Jan 26, 2021
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The organizer of the party in honor of Olga Buzova’s birthday said that preparations for the holiday lasted 35 days

21:12, 25.01.2021


Anna Gorodzhaya said that unexpected surprises await the guests.

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Olga Buzov threw a large-scale party in honor of her 35th birthday. Today, her stage colleagues, TV presenters, friends and relatives came to visit one of the brightest stars of the domestic show business. For the Buzov holiday chose a white dress with feathers adorned with thousands of Swarovski crystals. It is also known that the guests were treated to black caviar, and the party itself was created in the style of Olga’s new song “Pink Glasses”.

Event organizer Anna Gorodzhaya said that preparations for celebrating Buzova’s birthday lasted 35 days and all this time the star birthday girl actively participated in the implementation of the ideas. According to Anna, unexpected surprises await the guests: colorful performances, circus performances, as well as a gorgeous menu prepared by Renat Agzamov.

“We worked on the project, relying on the premiere of the video“ Rose glasses ”. If you listen to the song, a lot of this project is reflected today at the event. We distribute “pink glasses” to all who come, put on pink protective masks. Here every corner is permeated by Olga – this is cotton candy, ice cream. This is a new look at yourself, this is beauty, and, of course, 3,500 roses in 35 shades. Olya herself examined each petal. She is a professional, she wanted to present a holiday to her guests, her family. But there is a limited circle of friends, the closest ones. It is very important. There will be a very beautiful show with performances, circus numbers, numbers of magicians, illusionists of the Safronov brothers. It will be very large-scale, ”said Anna Gorodzhaya.

Anna Gorodzhaya at Olga Buzova’s birthday party

Among the guests of the holiday in honor of Olga Buzova you can see ex-participants of “House-2” Natalia Varvina with her husband, Alena Vodonaeva, Daria and Sergei Pynzarei, comedian Mikhail Galustyan, TV presenter Ksenia Borodina, as well as the illusionists of the Safronov brothers. The younger sister of Buzovoy Anna also attended the party. A relative of the singer first came out after a stroke, which she suffered in the fall of last year. Also among the invitees is a close friend of the birthday girl Olga Desyatnikova… She said that she has been friends with the singer for 16 years and considers her the most sincere person.

“This person, frankly speaking, is the most sincere and good-natured and the most vulnerable of all that I know. She is ready to give all of herself for the sake of close people to be happy, so that they have everything well. And it probably feeds on it as well. We have walked so much in 16 years. We have a lot of good and difficult moments, but we always support each other. I want to wish her that every morning she wakes up happy, that she always has a smile on her face and, most importantly, that she is healthy, “Desyatnikova said.

Olga Desyatovskaya and Olga Buzovoy’s sister Anna

Note that journalists are invited to the open part of the party in honor of Olga Buzova. Communicating with media representatives, the singer immediately noted that she would not like to discuss the topic of her personal life. Recently, the artist announced her separation from her beloved David Manukyan and this news became one of the most discussed. Buzova said that it was hard to endure a break with the rapper, so she asked not to ask sharp questions to her and the guests of the holiday.

By the way, the problems in the relationship between Buzova and Manukyan became known after their trip to the Maldives. Olga and Davil rested on the islands on New Year’s holidays and even played a wedding, which was not attended by any of the relatives of the star couple. However, on the singer’s birthday, January 20, a conflict occurred between the singer and the rapper, and a video appeared on the Internet, which captures their quarrel. A few days later, Olga announced that the romance with David, which lasted a year and a half, was completed.

David Manukyan and Olga Buzova

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