Jan 12, 2021
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The organizer of the concerts filed a lawsuit against Stas Mikhailov, who refused to return him a million rubles

13:46, 11.01.2021

The artist kept a fee for the failed performance.

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Stas Mikhailov was at the center of the scandal. The fact is that the producer Farit Mukhamedyarov, who organizes concerts in Tatarstan, filed a lawsuit against the artist. It was Mukhamelyarov who negotiated with Mikhailov about performing in Kazan in the spring, but the event cannot take place due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Due to the difficult epidemiological situation, the mass event in the city was canceled, one of the fees has already been transferred to Stas Mikhailov’s accounts 1 million rubles. Due to the fact that the performance would not take place, the organizers asked the star to return the funds received, but the artist refused to do this, citing force majeure. As a result, Farit Mukhamedyarov decided to seek justice through the court and filed a statement of claim addressed to Stas Mikhailov.

Stas Mikhailov with children

“In order to clarify the circumstances, disclose evidence, as well as explain to the parties their rights and obligations, a preliminary hearing is scheduled for January 25 at 17:35,” KP reports. By the way, Farit Mukhamedyarov refused to communicate with journalists, and representatives of Stas Mikhailov noted that they learned about the upcoming trial only from the press.

Recall that in the fall of 2020, Stas Mikhailov found himself in the center of another conflict related to money. As the media wrote, after the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the singer was going to support his team, and then allegedly fired all the musicians. So, ex-star guitarist Slava Marquez said that the artist, contrary to public statements, did not pay salaries to his artists.

Stas Mikhailov’s wife, Inna, stood up for her husband. In her microblog on Instagram, she said that some public figures prefer to throw mud at their colleagues for personal PR. The wife of the musician noted that we are talking about Sergei Shnurov, who once again decided to speak out about the latest news around Stas. And ex-guitarist Mikhailov Slava Marquez speaks negatively about the artist, according to Inna, due to the fact that he harbored a grudge against him after his dismissal.

Inna and Stas Mikhailov

Inna Mikhailova noted that her husband, unlike many other artists, does not shout at every corner that it is hard for him due to the lack of concert activity. On the contrary, the artist believes that it is not worth asking the state for money, but rather, in difficult times, to cope independently and, if possible, help others. Also, the singer’s wife reacted to the words of a former member of his band.

“Ex-guitarist Stas was fired in the summer for obvious reasons – the man refused to go to the show, when they had hoped for him, referring to another job. After being fired and making false comments about the artist, he again asked for a job, which was refused. And, apparently, he continues to expound his thoughts to the artist already out of resentment. God will judge him. None of the team said that they were left to their own devices or deprived of wages for the events. Also, Stas, even during the absence of work, continues to help people to the full, without advertising it “, – wrote the actress (spelling and punctuation of the author are given unchanged. – Prim. line.).

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