Sep 8, 2021
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The operator of the Ukrainian GTS announced a “rude hint” from the Russians about the “Nord Stream – 2”

Despite the record gas price in the European Union and insufficient reserves of blue fuel in European underground storage facilities, Russian Gazprom did not book additional transit capacities for September in the amount of 15 million cubic meters of gas per day.

This will lead to a decrease in transit through the Ukrainian territory from 124 million cubic meters per day to 109 million.

Sergey Makogon, General Director of the GTS Operator, wrote about this on the social network.

According to Makogon, in addition, the Ukrainian GTS Operator constantly offers additional capacity in the amount of 63.7 million cubic meters per day, but Gazprom has never shown an interest in increasing gas supplies to the EU.

In light of the news about the completion of pipe-laying work on the Nord Stream 2 project and the readiness to supply gas through it in 2021, Makogon regarded the Russians’ conduct as a “rough hint” that an increase in supplies to the EU is possible only through Nord Stream 2 “.

“The following months will be a great test for Europe in terms of its readiness to resist the pressure of the Russian Federation and to defend the principles of European solidarity,” Makogon summed up.

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