Oct 12, 2021
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The oncologist spoke about the prospects of Valentin Yudashkin in the fight against a serious illness


57-year-old fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin continues to fight cancer, and his daughter Galina is going to take over the affairs in his company.

Judging by the latest photographs of Valentin Yudashkin, his condition is deteriorating, and the Fashion Designer is literally melting before our eyes, although he tries to demonstrate positive, accepting guests at home and always smiling.

But his last photo at the end of September in general shocked many, it shows a couturier in a hat and a black bandage. At the same time, he looks very haggard. It can be assumed that Valentin lost his hair after another course of chemotherapy.

Valentin Yudashkin
Valentin Yudashkin

It is known that Yudashkin has been struggling for several years with an aggressive form of oncology due to which he lost one kidney and one lung. At the same time, the metastases managed to penetrate the brain, struck the esophagus, forcing him to follow a strict diet. But the maestro continues to work hard, although he has slowed down.

His daughter Galina Yudashkina, who also works in the fashion industry, developing a children’s clothing line, is already preparing to take over the affairs of her father. “It will be necessary to continue this business, join the company, help him“, – says the heiress of the couturier.

The Russians hope that Yudashkin will be able to cope with the next swoop of a dangerous disease and will hold a large-scale show next spring. But doctors are very careful in their predictions. “Any treatment is aggressive, toxic. The body loses strength, so it will not work endlessly to treat with chemotherapy – either the tumor will die or the body“, – said oncologist Alexey Odinets.

Valentin and Marina Yudashkin
Valentin and Marina Yudashkin

Last summer, Valentin Yudashkin also contracted the coronavirus during a trip to Europe, although he claimed that he had a mild illness. But it is possible that an insidious infection activated the cancer, which was slightly pacified by the treatment.

If he can be saved, cured, well, it will be something like a miracle“, – the oncologist Alexey Odinets expressed his expert opinion in an interview with

At the same time, fans continue to believe in this miracle, which will help the maestro, despite all the disappointing forecasts, to cope with a terrible disease that claimed the lives of many famous personalities: Joseph Kobzon, Mikhail Zadornov, Zhanna Friske, Vera Glagoleva, Lyubov Polishchuk. The “perfect nanny” Anastasia Zavorotnyuk is also struggling with oncology.

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