Jul 31, 2020
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The oldest city in the Moscow region. Infocenter-cafe will tell the history of Volokolamsk

July 30 Governor of the Moscow Region Andrey Vorobyov visited Volokolamsk, where he got acquainted with the project for the development of an agritourist ecopolis, which received a grant in 2018. One of the important stages in the implementation of the program was the tourist information center "History of the Place", which will help tourists to better know the ancient city of the Moscow region.

“In 2018, the President launched a program for the improvement of small towns. We have already received money from the federal budget for 10 settlements for the implementation of their projects. Now we have announced 12 more cities. This allows us to carry out landscaping in small but very important historical cities, ”said the governor.

Photo: Denis Trudnikov

“History of the place. Volokolamsk ”combines an information space with a coffee shop, a showcase of treats prepared from the products of local farms, as well as souvenirs made by local craftsmen and manufacturers. The hospitality center also provides an open area for creative meetings and business negotiations. The hall can be transformed into a lecture and presentation room for up to 30 people.

“It's nice to see locals come to the cafe and ask about the history of the city. Unfortunately, in the hustle and bustle of worries, we sometimes forget about which historical places are nearby. I believe that Volokolamsk has a great tourism potential ", - noted Natalya Galkina, Head of the Tourism Committee of the Moscow Region,

Photo: Denis Trudnikov

The Volokolamsk public team entered the top-5 of the Governor's Territory of Growth program and received a grant of 150 million rubles for the development of territories. The project group presented the concept for the development of the district as an agritourism ecopolis. One of the important stages in the implementation of the city development program was the tourist information center "History of the Place".

“This place is to some extent unique: on the one hand, a tourist information center, on the other, a cafe and a cozy coworking space. Here we give the tourist all the necessary information, and then he decides for himself: either, taking the guidebook, go to the places of interest on his own, or buy a group or individual excursion, ”said project manager, entrepreneur Fedor Stepanov,

Photo: Denis Trudnikov

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