Oct 19, 2021
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The old lady refuses to beg and sells pens instead

old lady sells pensDespite the fact that in social networks you can stumble upon a lot of negativity, there are still good stories, and this cannot but rejoice.

old lady sells pens

For example, one such story was shared by a resident of Pune (India) named Shiha Rati. While walking, she met an energetic old woman named Ratan. An elderly woman refuses to accept financial help from strangers and to beg, and therefore she began to sell pens. Shihu was very moved by this smiling grandmother, so of course she bought some pens from her.

old lady sells pens

The story of the user of social networks attracted a lot of attention, and the inhabitants of Pune became especially interested in the story of Ratan. Shikha told where exactly the old woman conducts her trading activities, so now, perhaps, she will have many buyers, because the kind-hearted townspeople said that they would not be lazy and would find an entrepreneur to buy writing materials from her.

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