Jul 1, 2020
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The oil product spot at the Khimki reservoir has grown to 30 thousand square meters. meters

The total area of ​​pollution at the Khimki reservoir after oil products got into the Chernavka (Grachevka) river increased to 30 thousand square meters, the Rosprirodnadzor press service said on Tuesday.

According to preliminary data, the storm sewer, which is operated by Municipal Unitary Enterprise Himvodostok, became a source of pollution. There are no treatment facilities at the facility, although, according to the environmental prosecutor's office, in 2018, the court ordered the Khimki administration to install them.

The source of the discharge of oil products was the Spetsstroy GVSU facility in Khimki. When examining the territory, experts found a well filled with oil, as well as additional open reservoirs with oil products and an abandoned gas station with underground tanks containing oil product residues - presumably diesel fuel. Oil products also got into neighboring wells of the city collector.

Rosprirodnadzor notes that service employees continue to work on the Khimki reservoir, at the Spetsstroy facility, an audit is being conducted with the participation of the military prosecutor's office. At the spill site on the reservoir, boom fencing is installed. The surface of the water area is treated with a sorbent.

Also, to eliminate pollution, booms have been installed in the riverbed. In addition, specialists of the Municipal Unitary Enterprise “Khimvodostok” are engaged in clearing the riverbed and pumping oil products from wells.

Attorneys in the Moscow Region have begun checking, Interfax was told in the regional supervisory agency on Tuesday.

As reported, the permissible concentration of petroleum products in the water of the Khimki reservoir is exceeded a thousand times. The spill of pollutants led to the death of birds and fish. After receiving all the results of the samples and expert opinion, the specialists of the Rosprirodnadzor department will calculate the damage caused to the water body.

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