Jan 11, 2022
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“The officer was forced to have sex with other officers”

Photo: Tofig Babayev / XinHua / Global Look Press

Now, in many former Soviet republics, experts are wondering whether “bloody Kazakhstan” can be repeated in them too? It is also discussed that the dangerous situation in Almaty is largely stabilized at the expense of the multinational CSTO Forces, without the intervention of which, at the request of Tokaeva the country would be doomed to “privatization” or, at best, “Ukrainization”.

However, not everywhere in the post-Soviet space there is a “lifeline” in the form of the Tashkent Treaty, while a social explosion, say in Azerbaijan, can easily lead to uncontrolled migration to Russia, where, with the connivance of the authorities, the situation with semi-criminal diasporas is not very good.

In short, we, the Russians, have something to fear, and even more so if we “bang” in Baku. Moreover, Azerbaijanis are already the largest non-titular ethnic group in Moscow today.

The head of the Azerbaijani party Musavat suggested that “Kazakhstan” is possible in Azerbaijan Arif Hajili… He says: “Events in Kazakhstan show that where the authorities ignore the will of the people, such things happen. They may well happen in Azerbaijan. “

Leader of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan (PFPA) Ali Karimli holds the same point of view. “The ‘social explosion in Kazakhstan’ should be a wake-up call for the country’s authorities. … No authoritarian regimes last forever. Striving for freedom and justice is inherent in the nature of all peoples. “

By the way, the international human rights organization Amnesty International condemned the Azerbaijani authorities for dispersing peaceful protests and, in particular, the demonstration on December 1, 2021.

In turn, a member of parliament from the ruling New Azerbaijan Party Elman NasirovAssessing the events in Kazakhstan, he firmly stated that “this cannot happen in Azerbaijan.” He convinces that “social and political stability reigns in Baku and in the provinces.” And in general, “the Azerbaijani people are demonstrating unity around their president.”

But is it really so? Just before the New Year, the Prosecutor General’s Office of Azerbaijan, not without strong pressure from the EU, was forced to publish a message about a new investigation of the world-famous case of mass torture of hundreds (!) And executions of dozens of their own military, accused of allegedly spying for Armenia.

Even if we assume that we are talking about the internal affairs of Azerbaijan, for the Russians this is an alarming call that not all Azerbaijanis as one “demonstrate unity around their president”, since even the controlled Prosecutor General’s Office indirectly acknowledged the fact of massive violence in May-June 2017.

So, the Prosecutor General’s Office of Azerbaijan will form a working group for “an objective and comprehensive investigation of each individual illegal act” in the so-called “Tartar case” (after the name of the region where the lawlessness took place).

24 members of the EU Parliamentary Assembly came up with an initiative to investigate torture in Azerbaijan. The corresponding document No. 1551 was published on June 25, 2021 on the PACE website. An investigation was initiated by an Italian senator Robert Rumpy… It should be noted that the authors of the document claim that more than 200 Azerbaijani servicemen became victims of torture, of which 11 died, i.e. in fact, they were executed. In total, in 2017, more than 1,000 servicemen and civilians from the front-line regions of Azerbaijan were detained on suspicion of espionage and high treason.

In this regard, the Azerbaijani Internet resource Turan writes: “It should be recognized that since then reports of inhuman treatment and torture against critics of the authorities in detention have become more frequent.” Such a large number of “suspected espionage”, and in a short time, may indicate persecution for dissent.

In a PACE document published by Turan, twenty-five people were convicted of high treason based on information obtained under torture and sentenced to seven to twenty years in prison. Of the eleven killed during the bullying, five were acquitted posthumously. The Azerbaijani authorities admitted only 102 victims, but no one received compensation for the damage caused.

It is already known that the working group of the Prosecutor General’s Office will consist of experts from law enforcement agencies, whose goal is “to restore and protect the rights of victims of crime.”

If this is happening in the Azerbaijani army, then, according to a number of experts, a part of civil society is also subjected to violence. Another thing is surprising: even though the General Prosecutor’s Office of Azerbaijan announced a new investigation, it immediately began to threaten reprisals against those who tried to cover the “Terter case” in the wrong light.

The circumstances of the mass torture are still shrouded in mystery. But what has leaked is shocking. As a journalist from Baku writes Heydar Isaev“In one case, a soldier was reportedly forced to urinate on his officer, who was accused of espionage. In another case, an officer was forced to have sex with other officers accused of the same crime. “

There is a video on the Internet that details the bullying in the “Tartar case”. The comments of the Azerbaijanis are full of despair.

Sefae Kerimova: “May God curse the authorities and officials.”

Telman Aranly: “I am very sorry that we are such a helpless nation.”

In fact, not so helpless, says Arif Hajili. People were boiling, while Aliev tries to “leave” by winning the Artsakh war, which, it seems, is already irritating ordinary people. In any case, the Prosecutor General’s Office of Azerbaijan threatens to punish “those who disseminate biased distorted information in order to discredit the reputation of the army and the activities of state bodies.”

“During the discussion of news (about the“ Tartar case ”) in the local media Toplum TV, the lawyer Yalchin Imanov stated that … “he does not expect a fair investigation from the commission, because I know how the prosecutor’s office and the judicial system work in Azerbaijan.” Heydar Isaev writes about this, referring to the video on YouTube.

In this case, the task is generally not to discredit the Azerbaijani people, some of which, apparently, do not associate themselves with Aliyev. The point is only that, according to the local opposition, a social bomb is already ticking in Baku, the explosion of which will undoubtedly have the most negative impact on Russia. Indeed, as history shows, on the eve of great upheavals, as a rule, repressions are intensified, and the lawlessness and dysfunction of the judicial system are justified by the “elite” protecting national interests.

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