Sep 6, 2022
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The offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Balakleya began “unexpectedly”

The Armed Forces of Ukraine today launched an offensive in the Kharkiv direction – the main target was the town of Balakleya and the village of Verbovka, north of Balakleya. Now there are street battles in the city, and the village of Verbovka, according to some reports, has already passed under the control of the enemy. The offensive, apparently, came as a surprise to our troops, despite the fact that military correspondents and bloggers have repeatedly spoken about the possibility of attempts to break through the Armed Forces of Ukraine in this direction. Why did it happen?

The counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, announced for the fall, began – first, the Ukrainian military stepped up in the Kherson direction, where they managed to take control of several villages, and today the enemy launched an attack in the Kharkov direction.

“I have repeatedly written that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are pulling equipment in the Kharkiv direction. I also wrote that a blow in the Kherson region could be a distraction and that the main blow could be on the Kharkov front. This morning, the Ukronazis went on the offensive in the area of ​​Balakleya. Now there is an undermining of bridges leading to the city. The Nazis are shelling the city from large-caliber artillery and MLRS. The civilian population has been sitting in basements since morning. The enemy entrenched himself on the outskirts of the city. There is a counter-battery fight, aviation is working on the advancing forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The situation in the Izyum direction also escalated. There are fierce battles. The enemy revived all along the Kharkov front, ”writes Vetaran’s Zapiski channel.

Subsequently, he noted that the 65th arsenal in Verbovka came under the control of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Russian blogger Vladimir Romanov also announced the loss of control over Verbovka in his Telegram channel.

“Verbovka itself is already occupied by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. There is still a fight for Balakleya, ”wrote Romanov. In turn, military commander Yuri Kotenok reports that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have entered the village of Verbovka and control its northwestern part, but the 65th arsenal is still under the control of our troops.

A logical question arises – why did the enemy’s attack on Balakleya, for which the Armed Forces of Ukraine actually openly pulled equipment, come as a surprise to the RF Armed Forces? Why didn’t they prepare for it in advance and draw up reserves? There is no answer to it.

It is worth noting that the Armed Forces of Ukraine today intensified hostilities along the entire front line in the Kharkiv region. The Ukrainian military is attempting an offensive from two sides – from the Izyum highway (M-03), as well as south of the liberated Svyatogorsk.

According to Ukrainian telegram channels, the Armed Forces of Ukraine urgently need at least some victories so that President Zelensky can demand new offensive weapons from the West.

“Our source at the OP said that the Office of the President now needs a spectacular victory before the contact group meeting in Ramstein in order to request new offensive weapons. To do this, Bankovaya demanded that the General Staff organize two counter-offensives, which should give confidence to the West that Ukraine can wage an offensive war. Over the past two months, reserves have been accumulating, and the most prepared units have been assembled in the Krivoy Rog and Kharkov directions. The Office of the President went for broke, throwing all the reserves on the counteroffensive, ”the channel notes.

Thus, we should expect in the near future the continuation of attempts by the Armed Forces of Ukraine to organize an offensive in several directions.

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