Sep 19, 2022
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The nurse was fired because colleagues watched her naughty videos

sexy nurse videosA young woman named Jaylin works as a nurse in a nursing home, but the 22-year-old lady’s main income does not come from this activity.

sexy nurse videos

Jaylin posts videos on OnlyFans, and her spicy and incendiary content is a big hit with fans. That’s just such a woman’s earnings seemed unacceptable to her employers. The authorities fired the nursing home nurse for a reason that Jaylin thought was odd. Allegedly, the nurse’s colleagues watch her videos every now and then during working hours, which distracts them from their main duties.

sexy nurse videos

An angry ex-nurse opened up about her problems on the Internet, and people are sure that such an unfair dismissal deserves only one answer – a lawsuit. Jaylin has already met with a lawyer, so former employers should be prepared for the fact that a determined lady will not let herself be offended.

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