Oct 22, 2021
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The nightclub chair started to move on its own

chair moves in a nightclubEmployees of the Popworld nightclub in York, England now joke that even the furniture in their establishment knows Halloween is around the corner.

chair moves in a nightclub

Evidence of the paranormal activity at work in the club was a video that shows how a chair in an empty hall began to move by itself. Lovers of the mysterious, having watched the strange footage, are now asking – if this is not a ghost, then who is it?

chair moves in a nightclub

But the skeptics answer – yes, anyone. For example, a certain person who hid from the lens of a CCTV camera and pulled a chair by a string. It may well be that “Popworld” decided to advertise themselves a little, just on the eve of the eerie “Halloween” season.

An ominous creature watched from behind a tree for frightened tourists

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