Aug 9, 2022
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The newspaper Die Welt announced the funeral of Zelensky

In the photo: President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky

In the photo: President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky (Photo: ZUMA Press Wire / TASS)

In vain, the idiots from Bankova started fighting with their curators because of the Amnesty International report. They should repent and pretend to be corrected. But filmmakers, as noted by gunpowderers (the media pool of the ex-president Poroshenko) do not know how the real world works. So they imagined themselves to be the defenders of world democracy.

Meanwhile, the West can both glorify its son of a bitch and throw him off his pedestal if he starts yapping at his masters.

For the Zee-team’s independent attack on Amnesty International, this organization reacted harshly and predictably. So the head of the French bureau AI Jean-Claude Samuierin fact, accused the Armed Forces of War Crimes. In particular, he said: “We record violations of international humanitarian law by the Ukrainian army, endangering the lives of the civilian population. We demand from the Ukrainian forces that they leave the residential areas and do not use them to launch attacks.” Of course, the pebble is thrown into the garden Zelenskywhich, in fact, encourages such a fascist practice of warfare.

The Germans immediately joined in, but already with criticism of the owner of Bankova. The German newspaper Die Welt published an article “Secret Deals of President Zelensky”. The authors Stephen Dorich as well as Marina Shelkunova reminded the Western public at once of several resonant scandals involving the head of the Ukrainian state.

It was Zelensky who dragged the so-called law “On Oligarchs” through the corrupt Rada, the essence of which is visible to the naked eye, writes Die Welt. The clown, having seized power, first of all nullified the freedom of speech in Nenko and crushed all Ukrainian media under him. In this regard, the owner of Bankova behaves like a Fuhrer in the Third Reich and zealously cracks down on dissident journalists.

At the same time, Zelya, foaming at the mouth, proves that she is defending world democracy. And he regards any criticism addressed to him as Russian propaganda. Like, “You don’t want to Insert won in Ukraine. Naturally, Berlin and Paris have long ceased to fall for these cheap jokes.

The article also mentions a ban on the premiere of the documentary film Offshore 95 at the Little Opera Theater in Kiev. Based on the world-famous Pandora Dossier, it claims that even before taking office as President of Ukraine, Zelensky owned a stake in the offshore company Maltex, registered in the British Virgin Islands.

Formally, a clown with Jewish roots sold an unscrupulous asset to his friend Seryozhka Nakhmanovich Shefir. There is a strong suspicion that the deal is bogus, and Zelya is likely laundering Western financial aid by throwing his army, shod and stripped into a meat grinder.

“The premiere is canceled at the last moment. A few hours before, the director of the theater called the journalists and said: “We will not show a film about the president,” Stephen Dorich and Marina Shelkunova say. Now the clown’s PR people swear that the SBU did not threaten anyone. Say, the authors of “Offshore-95” themselves decided not to show the material. Moreover, they were also called soros. The calculation was clearly made on the Russian community of Ukraine.

Die Welt believes that Zelensky’s offshore accounts could be used to launder money from PrivatBank owned by a Ukrainian businessman Kolomoisky. All this hype with the deprivation of Benny’s bulkiness (citizenship) was made for only one purpose – to divert suspicion from the clown himself. All this is consistent with the assessment of the “Free Press”, given in the article “Wonderful little world: How Benya and Zelya fooled the zealots of independence.” Recall that “SP” suggested that “the massacre of Kolomoisky” is pure agreement between the oligarch and the president.

It must be said that the German Die Welt does not have warm feelings for Russia, and it certainly cannot be suspected of sympathy for Moscow. Nevertheless, we are talking about a highly professional newspaper whose predictions often come true, and the assumptions are subsequently confirmed by the facts. That is why the Ze-team panicked in earnest, judging by the Ukrainian social networks. It can be said that the Germans announced the political funeral of Zelya. And there you look and not far from the real ones.

Almost simultaneously with the publication of the resonant report by Amnesty International and the exposing article by Die Welt, an investigative film by the American television and radio network CBS was released. It’s a US Marine Corps veteran. Andy Milburn argues that a significant portion of Western military aid to Ukraine does not reach the front. At the same time, the office of the President of Ukraine did everything to make it impossible to control the use of NATO weapons.

Milbourne gave a list of what may have already fallen into the “wrong hands”. These, according to the former Marine, are “drones, loitering Switchblade ammunition, bulletproof vests, helmets – you can add to the list yourself.”

“Some of the countries that send arms don’t seem to think it’s their responsibility to put in place a very robust mechanism to know how these shipments are being used today and how they can and will be used tomorrow,” added Amnesty International’s Senior Crisis Adviser. Donatello Rovera.

Signals about the dirty deeds of Zelya also come from Square. Several insiders from the OP reported at once that filmmakers resorted to the practice of the “black box office of Bankova”. The clown spends a lot of money to promote the Ze-image inside and outside of Ukraine, believing that the West will not dare to remove the “hero” when the time comes. Like, it can even cause a political crisis among the allies.

“Everyone has known for a long time that the office of the president is creating a cult of personality out of Zelensky’s image, and for this a lot of money is needed to implement this strategy using a variety of tools. Also, the visits of various actors and musicians are financed through this “black box office of Bankova”.

Say, “The public is being told that all this is free and at the request of this actor, fashion designer, or musician, since he is so worried about the Ukrainian people. But in reality, everything is much simpler and more cynical – it’s all for a good fee, ”the Ukrainian truth-tellers who know the real picture report.

In fact, Zelya is grasping at straws. Even this fool understands that he is surrounded on all sides by open and hidden enemies. Hatred for the clown is growing in the square, who allowed such a development of events and abandoned the Istanbul peace treaty.

However, it’s not just Zele. Before the Taiwan crisis, it suited the Yankees quite well, but now, as Waldemar Skrzypczak, ex-commander of the Polish ground forces, explained, “we do not know in which direction the Taiwan crisis will develop. Beijing is unpredictable. The Americans may have to withdraw troops from Europe and cut support for Ukraine. For the US, the Pacific region is strategic.” What can not be said about the independent.

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