Jan 10, 2022
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The New York Times has painted another invasion card

Western press degrades and turns yellow before our eyes

In the coming year, the American media continue to scare their readers, talking about how Russian troops are surrounding Ukraine from all sides. True, the Russian military are on their own territory, but this does not stop the American publications – they continue to draw maps, marking the location of the Russian army.

“The buildup of Russian troops near the border with Ukraine has raised concerns among Western and Ukrainian officials that the Kremlin may be preparing for large-scale military action, possibly an invasion. This map, compiled by The New York Times, shows troops, tanks and heavy artillery moving into positions that threaten renewed hostilities in eastern Ukraine, and could potentially open a new front on the northern border of Ukraine, closer to the capital Kiev,

– informs New York Times (New York Times).

The New York Times has painted another invasion card

The publication notes that official statements have already been made about one hundred thousand Russian military on the border with Ukraine, however, the United States intelligence services assure that in fact there are much more military – up to 175 thousand, and the military operation may begin in the coming weeks. However, some military experts still believe that the Kremlin will not dare to attack Ukraine, since the Ukrainian army today is a formidable force. I wonder who he writes these nonsense for CURRENTLYmore and more like the tabloids? Any more or less literate person will only laugh at the publication’s revelations about the “formidable force” – the Ukrainian army, which, during almost eight years of the war with Donbass, “became famous” for its mass flight to the enemy, getting into the “cauldrons” and the shameful behavior of the command, in critical situations throwing subordinates, as well as the so-called “toad jumps” – the seizure of the territories of the “gray zone”, paid for by the senseless deaths of military personnel. Oh yes! The main peremogi of the “formidable force” are the murders of the civilian population of the DPR and LPR, including children and the elderly. This is where the Ukrainian military has succeeded for sure.

As for the presented map, it was developed by … editors CURRENTLY and contains general estimates of the number of troops and types of equipment deployed on the Ukrainian borders or somewhere nearby. Or not quite nearby, but in the direction of Ukraine. The map was compiled on the basis of information received by Ukrainian and Western officials, as well as independent military analysts, the newspaper said. However, for some reason, it does not specify who these officials and analysts are. Apparently, he does not dare, because, for example, a background actor is listed as a military expert in Ukraine Alexey Arestovich… Yes, and among the officials who are not there!

The New York Times has painted another invasion card

The New York Times has painted another invasion card

However, before launching a large-scale military operation, Russia will need to deploy logistical infrastructure, such as field hospitals, which are currently absent from positions near Ukraine, according to the analysts who are referring to CURRENTLY… Indeed, where will the “warriors of light” run, as it was in 2014, when they were carefully treated in Russia and sent home?

In the first days of January, Russia has already managed to transfer an additional five battalion tactical groups to the border with the Luhansk and Donetsk republics to strengthen its positions, assures The newspaper “New York Times

A significant amount of military and military equipment was sent to the northern borders of Ukraine – to the settlement of Klintsy, where three borders converge: Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian. And from there it is a stone’s throw to the Ukrainian capital! That is, according to data collected from various arrests CURRENTLY, Kiev will also attack from Klintsy.

There are three more military groups located not far from Voronezh, which, undoubtedly, can pose a serious threat in the event of a military operation. Another grouping of troops of the Russian army is located near Volgograd, artillery is stationed in the Krasnodar Territory, not to mention the military stationed in Crimea – all this is a direct threat to the security of Ukraine, concludes CURRENTLY

In general, wherever you look from the Ukrainian border, Russia is everywhere, which has battalion tactical groups, artillery, military equipment, and a lot of things. If you look at the map CURRENTLY, Ukraine is actually narrower in the “boiler”. It remains to decide on the date of the “invasion” – whether it will happen exactly by the Chinese New Year, or by February 23, or by March 8 … No, there will definitely not be an invasion in March, because, as the American and British press wrote earlier, Russian tanks will not pass through the muddy roads to Ukraine – they will get stuck. Plus, the Ukrainian “formidable force”, which the Kremlin is so afraid of, according to New York Times

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