Oct 11, 2021
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The New York Times: CIA loses qualification

Intelligence agencies of Russia, China, Iran and Pakistan are increasingly exposing CIA agents

One of the most famous American newspapers New York Times reports an urgent message from the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to its overseas stations. The CIA headquarters warns all its operational employees: when recruiting agents in other countries, you must be as careful as possible and follow all personal safety rules. The fact is that recently, dozens of foreign CIA agents have been exposed around the world. In recent years, intelligence agencies in countries such as Russia, China, Iran and Pakistan have become increasingly successful in not only tracking down CIA agents, but also turning them into double agents.

“Recognizing that recruiting agents is a risky process, the CIA report raised issues that have worried the agency in recent years, but which have remained silent about. Among these problems, in the first place are underestimation of the work of foreign intelligence services, excessive trust in sources and too quick involvement of informants in operational activities. In addition, the CIA officers, working in other countries, simply forgot about the potential risks of counterintelligence “,

– writes New York Times

The publication notes that the CIA headquarters was surprised to note the fact that in all countries, especially in those in which Washington has an increased interest, the skill in using technological innovations does not lag behind the skill of American specialists, which was unexpected. For example, biometric scanning, face recognition software, artificial intelligence and hacking tools are successfully used in many countries. With the help of all this technological kit, the CIA officers are being spied, and during this spying it is easy to find informants and local agents.

Of course, the loss of informants is a rather old problem, it has always existed, but recently the loss of agents has become massive.

New York Times recalls the 2009 bombing at the CIA base in Khost, Afghanistan, which killed seven agency employees. This explosion is still a perfect example of what it means to neglect security issues.

Then the base was attacked by a suicide bomber, a Jordanian doctor, whom the CIA considered their agent and was preparing him for introduction into al-Qaeda. It turned out that he was in fact opposed to the United States. And there have been dozens of such examples in recent years.

“But it is not only the betrayal of informants and local agents that leads to failures, there are enough traitors in the ranks of the CIA, who sell both secret information and the same local agents to foreign special services for money,”

– notes the edition.

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