Sep 9, 2022
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The new wife of Pavel Priluchny told how she got along with his children


Actor Pavel Priluchny married for the second time to Zepyur Brutyan.

This spring, another “mother” appeared in the lives of the children of Agatha Muceniece. Their father Pavel Priluchny married Zepyur Brutyan. The other day, the new wife of the star of the series “Major” first spoke about how she met the actor’s children.

Priluchny’s romance with a colleague in the series “In a Cage” developed rapidly. Pavel proposed to Zepyur just three days after the fateful meeting at the mall. Soon she received an invitation to a family trip to the trampoline center, where she saw Timothy and Mia for the first time. The children of Priluchny turned out to be very friendly, so they had no problems communicating with their future stepmother.

In fact, we quickly found a common language, everything happened somehow by itself. Either Mia asked me something, then Timofey came up for advice. So little by little we became friends.“, – said Brutyan.

Pavel Priluchny with his wife
Pavel Priluchny with his wife

Then they went on vacation together to Turkey, where family relations improved completely.

Before announcing the new wedding to the children, Priluchny turned to a psychologist for advice. He was worried that this event could injure the fragile psyche of his son and daughter. However, the news of the sudden marriage of their father did not cause a negative reaction from them.

Decided to just say it like it is. Isn’t it cool if our family is bigger? Do you agree? And they said, “Of course!”, — admitted Pavel Hello!.

Recall that Priluchny married Brutyan in early May, but celebrated this event only at the end of August. The couple on a grand scale organized a wedding banquet for relatives and friends. It is interesting that Pavel’s children missed the holiday. Shortly before the celebration, Muceniece took the children to their relatives in Latvia.

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