Sep 2, 2021
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The new president of Estonia promised to remember the Russian language

“Alar Karis has a chance to become the president of the whole Estonia”

For almost two days, Estonia lived without a president: in the first round of the presidential elections, which are held in parliament, the only candidate for the presidency Oni Karis did not get the required number of votes.

The second round of the presidential elections took place on 31 August, this time 72 deputies voted for the director of the Estonian National Museum. The deputies of the faction of the radical party EKRE in full force – 19 people refused to take part in the elections.

“Karis previously held the post of State Controller, Rector of the University of Life Sciences and the University of Tartu. In October 2017, he became director of the Estonian National Museum. The new president will take office on October 11. Until that time, Kersti Kaljulaid will continue to act as head of state, ”

– reports the Estonian edition ERR

Immediately after the announcement of the election results, Alar Karis held the first press conference, distributing a lot of promises. For example, to listen to the opinion of all strata of society, to pay attention to the sphere of education, to solve not only foreign policy problems, but also internal ones.

“It will soon become clear which kind of president I am. I think that I am the president who is trying to communicate with all political forces and looking for ways for Estonia to develop further. I take an example from all past presidents. Each of them has something to take with them. But I myself will add something from myself, which is peculiar only to me “,

– noted Karis.

He also promised to “improve” the Russian language, which he had not spoken for a long time, although he knows it and will soon address the Russian-speaking citizens of Estonia in their native language during his speeches.

“It is clear that for some time I did not communicate in the Russian-speaking environment. I need to practice a little, but I promise you that the moment will come when I will communicate with Russian-speaking residents in Russian ”,

– promised the President-elect of Estonia.

Political columnist for the publication ERR Toomas Sildam I am sure that Karis will be able to find a common language with all the inhabitants of Estonia. Especially if he manages to put together a good team and then try to explain his views to the Estonian population. “To some questions of domestic policy”

According to the political observer, Alar Karis has a chance to become the president of the whole of Estonia, as well as to find some compromises with the Russian-speaking population.

Kersti Kaljulaid, the acting president, believes that the deputies made the right choice and Karis will become a worthy president of Estonia.

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The photo shows the new President of Estonia Alar Karis.

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