Dec 30, 2020
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The new method for calculating the minimum wage will be effective from January 1

The new method for calculating the minimum wage and the subsistence level will be in effect from January 1, 2021. President Vladimir Putin signed a corresponding decree.

The federal minimum wage for the next year is set at 12,792 rubles. The minimum wage and the subsistence minimum will be set not on the basis of the consumer basket, but on the median income, writes TASS.

Starting next year, the size of the minimum wage will amount to 42% of the median salary, which will be an increase of 5.5%, the subsistence minimum in Russia as a whole – 11,653 rubles, an increase of 3.7%.

According to the Ministry of Labor, the increase in the minimum wage will affect 3.9 million people. The subsistence minimum for the working-age population will be 109% of the subsistence minimum per capita in Russia as a whole, the subsistence minimum for pensioners – 86%, the subsistence minimum for children – 97%. At the same time, the document provides for the possibility of recalculating this methodology every five years.

Also, the law establishes the minimum wage in the amount not lower than the subsistence minimum of the working-age population in Russia as a whole for the next year and not lower than the minimum wage established in the current year.

Also, the law gives the subjects of the Russian Federation the right to determine the size of the subsistence minimum, taking into account the natural and climatic features of the area.

Earlier reported that the issue of changing the methodology for calculating the minimum wage (minimum wage) and the subsistence level should be carefully discussed with experts and the public, President Vladimir Putin said during a conversation with Chairman of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions (FNPR) Mikhail Shmakov.

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