Feb 16, 2021
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The network is discussing Valeria’s apartment worth 770 million rubles

Honor the 300-meter apartment of Prigozhin and Valeria, located in a prestigious area on the west of the capital, some time ago, was sold through a portal where the usual real estate objects are exhibited. Oak, marble, and eel leather upholstery on the table are the hand of the designer who worked with Sir Elton John’s interior.

The network is discussing Valeria's apartment worth 770 million rubles

About the 280 sq. meters became famous “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, the trade announcement was published on a specialized Internet portal.

One of the features of the dwelling is that it is made up of two adjacent apartments combined into one. According to the real estate agent, a four-level penthouse in the same building is being sold for $ 80 million, but not only in footage.

The interior design was carried out by the English specialist Gaban O’Keefe, who worked with Elton John. In addition to several bedrooms and four bathrooms, the apartment contains a library, a living room and a study, a table in which is covered with eel skin. According to experts, the cost of such a piece of furniture is about a million rubles.

However, in a comment to KP, Prigozhin denied information about the sale of housing for 770 million rubles, “otherwise where would he live then.” He confirmed that with Valeria, they thought about purchasing a house, but this idea was carried off until.


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