Aug 22, 2020
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The network is discussing how the wrestler Zaurbek Sidakov kicked his bride out of the wedding: chronology and all the details of the scandal

The network is discussing how the wrestler Zaurbek Sidakov kicked his bride out of the wedding: chronology and all the details of the scandal

Zaurbek Sidakov and Madina Plieva

For several days, the network has been actively discussing the scandal that happened at the wedding of the world champion in freestyle wrestling, 24-year-old Zaurbek Sidakov. Recall that the union of the young (the athlete's bride was 25-year-old Madina Plieva) collapsed right during the festive celebrations that took place in Vladikavkaz. The groom expelled the bride straight from the wedding.

The story is acquiring more and more details. We have collected in one material the chronology of events.

At first, nothing foreshadowed trouble. The happy newlyweds, who met in April this year, walked in a traditional Caucasian style. The celebration was attended by about 500 guests, and the wedding itself, according to rumors, spent about 8 million rubles. The celebration itself took place in early August, but the scandal that happened became known only a few years ago.

Zaurbek Sidakov was supposed to represent Russia at the Tokyo Olympics, but the games were postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The athlete decided to take advantage of the break and get married.

Zaurbek Sidakov and Madina PlievaZaurbek Sidakov and Madina Plieva

It all started with the fact that some guests (including parents of young people) began to receive messages with videos, some of which were pornographic. Madina's fiance was a participant in the frivolous videos. The messages accompanying them said that the bride was an escort, and is also the mistress of a billionaire.

Such a plot is quite worthy of the script of the series. Moreover, we have already seen this in several TV shows. For example, with the help of a compromising video on the TV series "Gossip Girl" they tried to upset Blair's wedding.

It is noteworthy that the guests received the newsletter on the phone at the moment when the newlywed was celebrated in the men's circle with the traditional lezginka and thrown into the air.

Someone calculated everything very well, knowing perfectly well the traditions of the Ossetian wedding, - suggests one of the elderly guests from the bride's side. - Maybe, in a less heated atmosphere, the reaction would not have been so hot ... And so in sight and in everyone's ears, the message that your chosen one is not honest with you ... The groom had to react to save his honor,

- quotes one of the elderly wedding guests "Moskovsky Komsomolets".

After watching two videos, the newlywed went to the female half, where, according to tradition, the woman's wedding was celebrated separately, and dragged the bride from the holiday right by the hair. After that, according to eyewitnesses, he sat on the floor and cried.

After the incident, his friends took him to the mountains so that he could come to his senses and not commit rash acts in the heat of the moment. However, without further incidents, all the same it was not without.

So, the bride's father became ill with his heart, and the publicly disgraced girl tried to commit suicide. They managed to save her life - Madina was taken to the hospital on time. After the scandal, the girl also deleted all social media accounts. According to the latest information, Madina is now in Moscow.

Most of all, the public, of course, is concerned about the question of who sent out these videos and upset the wedding of Madina and Zaurbek. It is not yet known for certain. There is a version that the spouse of one of the men with whom Madina met became the avenger.

However, witnesses to the scandal from the groom's entourage claim that they do not believe that Madina was an escort.

Madina is from a very wealthy family, she doesn't need it. And Zaur knew this very well,

- says one of the witnesses to the incident.

But the version with revenge of the deceived wife seems more believable to the guests. Allegedly, Madina really had an affair with a married man who was much older than her. According to some of the wedding guests, she could get spicy videos with Madina on her unfaithful spouse's phone.

Information appeared on the network who could have been Madina's lover. Sources from the bride's entourage claim that she was having an affair with 62-year-old Sergei Katsiev, who is on the Forbes list with a fortune of $ 1.5 billion.

The athlete himself has not yet commented on what happened, but people from his environment do not condemn his act, since in this way Zaurbek defended his honor. In an interview with reporters, some wedding guests also noted that the reason for such a violent reaction was the fact that Madina hid her past from Zaurbek - all the news about the bride came as a complete surprise to the athlete.

Zaurbek Sidakov

Zaurbek Sidakov was born in Beslan, North Ossetia. He is the world champion in freestyle wrestling in 2018-2019, the champion of the European Games in 2019, the repeated champion of Russia, the master of sports of Russia of international class.

The opinions of netizens are divided. Many sympathize with the groom and believe that the young man did the right thing. Others were imbued with sympathy for Madina.

I feel sorry for him too - she deceived his expectations, but I feel sorry for her more. Harassment of relatives, acquaintances and unfamiliar people is guaranteed. They also published vidos, did they have the right? It's her own.

Regular vidos that a girl can send to her beloved, for example. It is clear that getting such shots on your wedding day is a big blow. I feel sorry for both the groom and the bride!

- write on the network.

Sidakov himself now, judging by the updates on his instagram, continues training. There is no mention of the wedding in his blog.

The first news was shared by the blogger Zarina_Sudya.

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