Sep 6, 2021
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The National Interest: What was the meaning of Zelensky’s visit?

Zelenskiy’s old dream to visit the White House has come true

“It has been several days since Volodymyr Zelenskiy, the young telegenic president of Ukraine, visited Washington, but many political scientists and experts in the United States are still struggling to understand the meaning of this short visit. Although the meaning is very simple and lies on the surface – partly prestige, partly a wallet “,

– reports an American magazine National interest

The National Interest: What was the meaning of Zelensky's visit?

The publication notes that the Ukrainian president insisted on a visit to the White House for too long, and now, finally, he got his way. Zelenskiy has never hidden his ambitions: an inexperienced comedian wants to become a world leader. To do this, you just need to get into the White House, or better – into the Oval Office. Therefore, photographing at the White House, apparently, was the priority on this trip. Nevertheless, he took home with him not only a bunch of photographs, but also money, which in fact turned out to be not so much: $ 60 million for the “war with the Russians”, $ 45 million for humanitarian needs and another $ 12.8 million to fight COVID-19. The amounts are scanty, given the huge needs of Ukraine, but no one will give more anyway, he believes TNI

The visit itself was unusual, and mistakes were made by both Kiev and Washington, but the bottom line is that both sides benefited from the meeting, and US-Ukrainian relations can again be considered relatively strong after a number of political scandals, the newspaper notes.

“Volodymyr Zelensky urgently needed to reboot the US-Ukrainian relations, spoiled by the search for compromising evidence on Biden himself during the Trump era. And Biden needed to tweak his loser image after his failure in Afghanistan. Both have successfully completed the assigned tasks “,

– writes the author of the article Melinda Haring (Melinda Haring), Deputy Director of the Eurasian Center of the Atlantic Council.

And he adds: despite all the mistakes and bloopers, which were numerous during the visit, despite the lack of concrete results, the visit of their president was assessed positively in Kiev, because the main thing was done – the dream of visiting the White House came true.

Melinda Haring recalls that between countries, contrary to the statement Biden about excellent relations, there are many disagreements and the main one is the Russian gas pipeline “Nord Stream – 2”. These disagreements have not gone away since Zelenskiy returned to Kiev, and there are no guarantees that new ones will not arise soon. In addition, it says nothing about the White House’s plans to really support Ukraine in the future.

“Today Washington has too many problems of its own, the main ones being China and Covid-19. And in the published Strategic Guide to National Security, the White House mentions China fifteen times and Russia five times. This guide does not even talk about Ukraine “,

– states National interest

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