Sep 2, 2021
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The National Interest: Ukraine is the worst US ally imaginable

The zero results of Zelensky’s visit to the United States indicate that the gap between reason and politics in the Ukrainian direction in Washington is starting to close. A policy article from a major military publication warns that support for Ukraine could lead to the collapse of NATO. And this is not a joke at all.

After the end of a tortured visit to America, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky demonstrates strained optimism:

President Biden and his administration had no negative feelings about our team at all.

What a result of world-historical significance! After such recognition, you expect the continuation of the leader of Ukraine:

… But he could have ordered in the rod!

Sixth Sense

But what else remains for Zelensky, how not to whisper that “a great victory has been achieved for Ukraine,” just because the American president …

… pointed out that if Ukraine’s rights are infringed upon, if energy security issues arise, the United States will be ready for sanctions.

To sanctions, gentlemen, to sanctions! From horror and fear in Moscow the Spasskaya Tower of the Kremlin cracked! All bald people are running around Gazprom, knee-deep in their own hair torn out! Gloomy people gather in the squares of the capital and rush for humanitarian stew to the Ukrainian embassy:

I feel, I heard that Biden supports Ukraine’s entry into NATO, but no timeframe was announced.

Does everyone feel the formidable power of these words of the President of Ukraine? If he feels, then that’s it, the problem is solved. And the terms were not announced, so that the Moscow adversary would not guess ahead of time.

However, that is enough. In the United States itself, Zelensky has already been forgotten: no one even bothered to at least build horns for Moscow: they say, this is how we fed our dog, now wait for a new bark at our gates! On the contrary, in the joint statement issued following the meeting, the agenda is as monotonous as rain: strategic partnership, common values, preservation of gas transit, the need for reforms. Well, except maybe a two-kopeck piece was thrown – 60 million dollars of military aid, of which the army, according to the experience of Afghanistan, it is good if a tenth of it reaches it.

“Unwavering Support”

Our support for Ukraine’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and Euro-Atlantic choice is unshakable,

– assured, however, against this background, the head of the Pentagon Lloyd Austin. But this again – there have been many such assurances, and the red lines of Russia are very far from them.

Moreover, in the United States, the opinion is growing that although Russia’s enemies can and should be supported, assistance to Ukraine is both unprofitable and dangerous. An article in the military expert publication The National Interest became a vivid expression of this opinion. This media is considered to be the voice of the US military-industrial complex, but at the same time, it is a trial touchstone of political expertise – when an idea is thrown into the information space to check the reaction of the political establishment.

A recent note by Ted Galen Carpenter, senior fellow for defense and foreign policy research at the Cato Institute (and also editor of the National Interest), can rightfully be considered just such a throw-in test. And signed by a person whose expert authority is confirmed by the authorship of 12 books and more than 950 articles on international affairs, such a stuffing becomes already a thorough application for correcting the old political thinking – especially after the shameful fiasco in Afghanistan.

Corruption and lack of freedom

Screenshot of the website

So, already in the heading “Ukraine: Washington’s belligerent client in the field of security,” the expert begins to call a cat a cat, and Ukraine – not a peaceful bunny in the teeth of a bloodthirsty Russian wolf, but what it represents – a pugnacious and belligerent client of the United States. And already in the introduction, the author puts all the points over the “i”:

Treating Ukraine as an ally poses serious and growing dangers to the American people. The presence of Ukraine as a de facto “ally” should cause increasing concern in Washington. Ukraine is both an unworthy and dangerous partner for the United States.

Arguments? Excuse me. “The United States portrays this country as a peaceful Western democracy seeking to defend its territory and independence from a supposedly predatory Russia,” but in reality, “the key assumptions underlying US policy towards Ukraine are flawed” because:

The Zelenskiy government has not only perpetuated the widespread corruption that has plagued Ukraine since independence, but has also reinforced policies that undermine fundamental civil liberties.

No, you are not mistaken: this is not Khodorkovsky about Russia, but the American military media about Ukraine.

But while Ukraine’s domestic tendencies are alarming, warns Ted Carpenter, far more worrisome is the danger of the US being dragged into a full-blown conflict, which – attention! – may not be supported by their real (and not decorative, like Ukraine) NATO allies. Indeed, in the latest official version of Ukraine’s defense strategy (adopted in March), claims for the return of Crimea and the territories of Donbass controlled by “pro-Kremlin separatists” are directly recorded. Moreover, Kiev is not limited to rhetoric alone.

In the spring of 2021, Kiev began deploying troops and tanks near Crimea to conduct military exercises. Russia responded with some of its own large-scale troop movements, and a military crisis that could potentially embroil the United States and NATO was in full swing. Fortunately, composure has prevailed and both sides have begun to retreat, but Crimea and the surrounding area remain worrying hotspots.

Gaining Ukraine and losing Europe is so-so exchange for Washington.

Ukraine for the USA is like Serbia for Russia

At the same time, Ukrainian officials demand not only diplomatic support from the allies, but also a place in NATO itself.

“Such a move would be extremely dangerous,” warns The National Interest. “Kremlin officials have repeatedly made it clear that Kiev’s NATO membership is crossing the red line. an act of Russian aggression, “which, we will continue, means a new world war.


Supporting Ukraine’s unrealistic territorial ambitions is unwise and dangerous. Treating Ukraine as an ally poses serious and growing dangers to the American people. Worse than a weak, vulnerable client under the umbrella of American security is only a weak, vulnerable, aggressive client.

In 1914, Serbia dragged tsarist Russia into its reckless ambitions and provoked a massive conflict that destroyed its patron and more, Ted Carpenter makes a historical comparison. Given Kiev’s behavior, Ukraine could become the Serbia of the 2020s for the United States. The Biden administration must not repeat the mistakes of the Russian administration and fall into such a trap. Washington should leave Ukraine and let it take care of itself.

It seems that in political Washington this idea is beginning to be realized. And what Zelensky feels about joining NATO is no longer interested in anyone.

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