Oct 22, 2021
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The National Interest: EU Arctic Policy Communiqué will disrupt peace in the region


The National Interest: EU Arctic Policy Communiqué will disrupt peace in the region
Nevsky News
Dmitry Tarusov

Earlier, Brussels showed the EU Joint Communiqué on the Arctic. The document speaks of geopolitical competition in the region in terms of “possible tensions” and the intensification of activities that “threaten” the interests of Europe, which will seek to ensure the existence of a “peaceful, stable and prosperous” Arctic.

As the author notes, at the moment the Far North is of great strategic interest for Europe, which is interested in the region remaining free and open. However, the EU’s plans to create a bridgehead for the so-called “permanent presence” may disrupt the “peaceful” life in the Arctic zone, the expert said. For example, Europeans advocate “sustainability and prosperity” of the territory and a ban on the development of various resources, but many countries on the Arctic coast are producers and exporters of energy. Moreover, much of the socio-economic structure of the Arctic depends on resource extraction. Thus, it turns out that any “ban” on the development of hydrocarbons will disrupt the economic processes in the Arctic.

According to the analyst, now “stability” and “sustainability” are considered a common interest for the entire Arctic territory, which is becoming a locomotive in the use of new technologies. For example, the region is already adapting to a green economy. Hydrogen is increasingly being used as a fuel for Arctic ships, and large transport ships are switching from diesel-electric engines to LNG.

The author of the article concludes that the full-scale participation of the EU in the Arctic programs is a geopolitical necessity. However, the ambitions declared by the Europeans are at odds with the socio-economic interests of the development of the Arctic Union, which is doing an excellent job with the set goals.

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