May 14, 2020
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The National Bank of Ukraine has developed an application for reading data from biometric passports

The National Bank of Ukraine has developed the UAPassportReader mobile application for reading information from biometric documents. This was reported by the NBU press service.

"By downloading the application on your smartphone, you can contactlessly, quickly and simply read all the information necessary to identify the client, from his ID-card or biometric passport of a citizen of Ukraine, "the message says.

The NBU believes that the use of this application in bank branches and its integration with the computer systems of the bank will be useful to banks and their customers.

"Banks will not need to buy expensive equipment for reading information from a biometric chip By integrating this application into its IT network, the bank will immediately be able to receive and store in digital form all the necessary information about customers, "explained there.

In the controller added that customers who have biometric documents will no longer need to carry a paper certificate of registration with them. Also, they will have access to their own data contained in the documents: they can download this information on their smartphone for further transfer.

The pilot version of the application is available for free download in the AppStore. In the future, it is planned to develop a version for Google Play. 2572460719634751

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