Feb 17, 2021
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The name of the first participant of the 8th season of the show “Bachelor” has become known

12:39, 02/17/2021

The project will premiere in the spring of 2021.

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This spring, the eighth season of the “Bachelor” show starts. The protagonist of the project is 37-year-old Timati. The casting for the show’s eighth season broke all records. A variety of girls got into the project, and after the casting, several of them received personal invitations from Timur – for the first time in the history of the show. The producers of the project received 40 thousand applications from potential heroines from all over the world and have already named the first name of the participant.

So, today it became known that the model Dasha Pogadaeva received a personal invitation from Timati. The rapper’s visit was a real surprise for the participant. The artist handed the girl a bouquet of flowers and officially invited her to the new season.

Dasha Pogadaeva became the first participant of the 8th season of the show “Bachelor”

By the way, Timati did not skimp on beautiful courtship for the participants in the show and luxurious gifts. Last week it became known that the rapper purchased a ring for the finalist, which became the most expensive in the history of the project. Also, in the eighth season, the viewers will see personnel changes. A new host will appear in the program – Dmitry Kokhno… The Belarusian showman in this position replaced Petr Fadeev, who has been working since the very first season.

We add, on February 11, the first trailer for the show appeared. “Very soon we will again: watch the show“ Bachelor ”, wait every Sunday, feel, worry, laugh, guess which of the girls will receive the first rose from Timur Ildarovich at the ceremony,” the TNT channel announced the project in the microblog on Instagram (spelling and the punctuation of the authors hereinafter is given unchanged. Prim. row.).

Trailer of the new season of the show “Bachelor”

Recall that Timati’s participation in the reality show became known in October 2020. Initially, the management of the TNT channel kept intrigue, saying only that the new protagonist was “handsome, rich and known throughout the country.” As a result, it turned out that hip-hop performer, producer and businessman Timati would take part in the project. After that, the show’s website received a record number of applications for participation – more than 40 thousand applicants wanted to compete for the artist’s heart.

The filming of the project started in November 2020 in Dubai, where the creators of the show did everything to create a special, fabulous and romantic atmosphere, recalls PeopleTalk. Then Timati first met with the participants. According to the creators of the project, this season they prepared a lot of surprises for the audience, as well as innovations.

It is noteworthy that a month before the publication of information about Timati’s participation in the project, the artist broke up with his beloved Anastasia Reshetova, with whom they had been together since 2015. In October 2019, their son Ratmir was born. “We are no longer one whole, not husband and wife, we do not live together. It was a wonderful 6 years from the moment we met until this summer. We were best friends, lovers, partners. There was a lot between us and it was great !!! But in this life there is nothing eternal and everything tends to end, ”said Reshetova.

Timati, Anastasia Reshetova and their son Ratmir

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