Sep 4, 2021
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The mystery of the Kremlin courtyard: why Lavrov actually leaves

Photo: Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov

In the photo: Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (Photo: Stanislav Krasilnikov / TASS)

At the Eastern Economic Forum, a journalist Sergey Brilev asked the president To Putin a little strange question: is it a pity for him “let off Shoigu with Lavrov to the State Duma “? But it is unlikely that the moderator of the plenary session decided on a gag. Apparently, this topic was agreed in advance. The fact is that the society began to be interested in why two successful and, most importantly, key ministers – defense and foreign affairs – would suddenly want to become parliamentarians. Even if they become important figures in the State Duma, one can safely speak of a downgrade in status.

Putin answered in his usual manner – like, he is not a tsar and not a god, only a president, which means that Shoigu and Lavrov made their own choice. “It’s a pity, – said GDP. – They are in their place, they work well. My colleagues simply asked me to head the list, demonstrating that everything that the United Russia party does is really being implemented, including through the efforts of these people … But decisions must be made by them, first of all. They themselves must ultimately make this decision. “

This means that the “colleagues”, and very influential ones, were able to persuade the president to give them good personnel. But if you look at it, there is a discrepancy in this issue. Shoigu, for example, in an interview for the channel “Soloviev Live ”explained the change in his political life: “… I did not expect that I would participate in any elections. But you know, the President’s proposal in this regard is not just a great honor, it is a huge responsibility … “

Apparently, it was VVP that said “must”, and Kuzhugetovich answered “yes”.

Be that as it may, at the very top there is a large rotation of personnel, especially since two Sergei – Kuzhugetovich and Viktorovich – clearly do not belong to toxic figures in power. The fact that they were thrown “into the embrasure” to save EdRo, which is headed by an unpopular Medvedev, says a lot. The position of the “bears” is extremely bad, so the political “locomotives” Shoigu and Lavrov were needed to pull the rating of the United Russia party out of the swamp.

In principle, everything is more or less clear with Shoigu. Having headed the Ministry of Defense, he showed himself very well: he reformed the Armed Forces, launched and brought to mind abandoned Soviet projects of new weapons, increased the professionalism of soldiers and officers during regular exercises, did not screw up in Syria (although he could) and finally raised his authority Russian army in the international arena to the level of the strongest in the world.

With such a track record, especially against the background of the failed ministers of the economic bloc, he can easily move Volodin from the post of chairman of the State Duma. This means that the assumptions of a number of experts that Sergei Kuzhugetovich can become the successor to No. 1 in the transit of power in 2024 have the right to exist. However, it is possible that Shoigu will remain the Minister of Defense, giving his place to less popular party members.

But with Lavrov, however, the situation is different. Yes, he is rightly called the “icon” of the diplomatic service, but recently Sergei Viktorovich cannot boast of obvious victories. It is clear that there are many objective reasons for this. At the instigation of Uncle Sam, our country is being pressed for Tavrida, which in 2014, after the expression of the will of the Crimeans, returned to Russia. Representing an “aggressor country” is still a quest, especially since no one broke diplomatic relations with the Russian Federation.

Nevertheless, Telegram channels, positioning themselves as Kremlin logical, write that Lavrov is tired. It seems that Sergey Viktorovich himself “Ready to change milestones”, although he will not give up a status position. He even allowed himself not to equate Stalin and Hitler… Actually, the act is very brave and in the Western liberal world it is even to some extent suicidal for the Foreign Ministry. So you can become not handshakeable in “America and Europe”.

To be precise, the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry made an important explanation: “Those who demand that Stalin be perceived as an absolute evil, without any nuances, who demand that he and Hitler be considered the only culprits of World War II, thereby want to put our country on the same level with those who set out to conquer Europe, and we Europe was saved from conquest, from destruction and saved many peoples “

Judging by the reaction on the Internet, the label “Stalinist” and “devil’s advocate” is guaranteed to him, and it doesn’t matter that Sergei Viktorovich has a broader view of the history of Russia. It can be assumed that Lavrov is ready for a new place of work and positions himself primarily as a politician, and not as an official of the Russian Foreign Ministry, whose authority outside the cordon is more important than inside the country.

In fact, rumors about Lavrov’s departure from the Foreign Ministry have been going on for a long time. They were overgrown with new speculations in March 2020, when Putin signed a decree “On conferring the title of Hero of Labor of the Russian Federation” to the country’s chief diplomat. Moreover, the age of Sergei Viktorovich has exceeded 70 years. In short, various commentators saw this as a hint of an early resignation, but the diplomat remained at his post as before. True, given the fact that VVP does not like to change horses on the endless Russian ferry, this is not a period for the employment of an official of this rank.

After the current elections to the State Duma, the resignation, apparently, will take place. In this regard, the question arises as to who will occupy the chair of the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, which is pleasant in all respects. Sources of various sites and blogs, of which a dime a dozen in runet, are most often called Lavrov’s replacement Dmitry Peskov… The name of the director of the Foreign Intelligence Service is still on the rumor Sergei Naryshkin… However, the liberal Dmitry Sergeevich seems more preferable as the owner of the skyscraper on Smolenskaya Square than the tough Sergei Evgenievich. And the presidential press secretary has more experience of publicity than the chief intelligence officer.

The great Russian writer and politician predicted that we will still see the “Peskov’s Star” at the very top of the Kremlin skyline Eduard Limonov (the kingdom of heaven to him). In December 2019, on his Facebook page, Eduard Veniaminovich wrote: “VVP has shared powers with him. Voluntarily, of course. VVP deals with children, floods, victims, which is usually done either by retired presidents, or presidents’ spouses, traditionally spouses are engaged in charity work. This will be the focus if Peskov is trained as a successor to the GDP “

Observant Limonov drew attention to the fact that Peskov “Has long passed the prerogatives of the” press secretary “and literally on his own behalf explains such important aspects of Russian policy that only the head of state can explain”… Or, on our own account, we add, at worst, the Minister of Foreign Affairs. And in general, in Yandex, Dmitry Sergeevich is called “Russian statesman”, whereas, for example, in the USA or elsewhere in the West, the head of the press service does not have such a status.

Well, there is still a little wait left to find out yet another secret of the Kremlin courtyard. Most likely, rumors that the “icon” of Russian diplomacy will be replaced by the president’s favorite are exaggerated, and a professional diplomatic service will become the new owner of the skyscraper on Smolenskaya Square.

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